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Campaigning Intensifies on Labor Day as the Primary Election Nears Video included

Twitter: @markcurtisABC6email: mcurtis@abc6.comWith eight days to go before the Rhode Island Primary candidates were everywhere Labor Day. And many voters in the state are still undecided on a lot of races, so last minute campaigning is crucial. Parades are a common site on Labor Day, as was an event at Saint Rocco's Church. Crowds are a good spot for politicians to also do some last minute handshaking, "This is one of many stops as we are making our final push towards the primary day. So,...

Robitaille to endorse Block

Block Block

By News Staff news@abc6.com There was a big development yesterday in the race for Rhode Island Governor. ABC6 News has learned that prominent Republican John Robitaille will endorse Ken Block for Governor this year. Robitaille was the party's nominee for Governor in 2010, barely losing the race to Governor Chafee. Robitaille will hold a news conference on Tuesday to make the Block endorsement official. © WLNE-TV 2014


Elorza Campaign Now Dealing with Charges of Plagiarism Video included

Twitter: @markcurtisABC6 mcurtis@abc6.comFlanked by his campaign aides Providence Mayoral candidate Jorge Elorza visited ABC6 and other media outlets in Rhode Island Friday.This came one day after Elorza acknowledged a 19 year old shoplifting arrest.A campaign aide wrote Elorza's letter of apology, but plagiarized part of the statement from another politician."I had no clue that this paragraph had already been used in another letter. Had I known, there is no way I would have allowed it and th...


Mayoral Candidate Elorza Discusses His Shoplifting Arrest Video included

Twitter: @markcurtisABC6email: mcurtis@abc6.comProvidence Mayoral candidate Jorge Elorza was out promoting his arts agenda, but he was having to also explain his arrest for shoplifting 19 years ago."I sent a letter out to 7,000 likely voters a number of months ago, and the reason why I put it in that letter was because I made a mistake as a teenager. I wanted everyone to know, I wanted to be up front. I wanted to be honest," said Jorge Elorza, (D) Candidate for Providence Mayor.Elorza stole a...

Republican Harrop will stay in Providence Mayoral Race

By: Dee DeQuattroEmail: ddequattro@abc6.comTwitter:@deedequattroProvidence Mayoral Candidate Dan Harrop will stay in the race. Harrop, a Republican, was originally on the fence about whether he would remain a candidate in the race but he told reporters on Tuesday that he thinks he is the best candidate for the job. Harrop will face off against Independent Buddy Cianci and the winner of the Democratic Primary in the General Election in November.(C) WLNE-TV 2014

Dee From the Desk: Positive Pell

Gubernatorial candidate Clay Pell is keeping his hands clean while his opponent Angel Taveras is lobbing attack ads against him. Taveras released an ad criticizing Pell for not actually being a Rhode Islander and for his “lack of” experience. Despite the ad, Pell says he is not going to return the attack. Instead, Pell’s campaign said that they will just keep on focusing on Pell’s ideas and his message. He has got the right idea. Pell really doesn’t have to attack Taveras, he has Gina Raimon...

Clay Pell responds to Taveras attack ad

By: Dee DeQuattroEmail: ddequattro@abc6.comTwitter:@deedequattroDemocratic Gubernatorial Candidate Clay Pell is responding to an attack ad lobbed against him by Providence Mayor Angel Taveras with his own ad. While not directly mentioning his opponent, Pell’s ad says attack ads are part of the same old politics that have back Rhode Island. “I learned from my grandfather that campaigns shouldn’t be about tearing people apart,” say Pell in the ad. He suggests that voters should focus on ideas n...

Smiley calls for Elorza to return check from club owner

By: Dee DeQuattroEmail: ddequattro@abc6.comTwitter:@deedequattroProvidence Mayoral Candidate Brett Smiley is taking aim at one of his opponents in the Democratic Primary for accepting a contribution and endorsement from an embattled Providence club owner. Smiley is calling on Jorge Elorza to return a $2,000 contribution and repudiate an endorsement from Gianfranco Marrocco in light of his recent comments about Mayor Angel Taveras and the rash of violence that has taken place outside Marrocco’...

Court says Raimondo must submit deposition in 38 Studios lawsuit

A Rhode Island judge says General Treasurer Gina Raimondo must submit to a deposition in a lawsuit brought over the deal that give a $75 million state loan guarantee to Curt Schilling's video game company.


Governor Chafee Says "Hands Off" Beach Contract Investigation

Twitter: @markcurtisABC6 email: mcurtis@abc6.com"Of course it troubles me. That's why the State Police were involved," said Governor Lincoln Chafee, (D) Rhode Island.Governor Chafee, speaking out on a controversial beach concession contract in Rhode Island.The contract was won by David Caprio, who has now stepped down as head of the state Democratic Party.And State Rep. Peter Palumbo was managing the operation.Despite a public outcry of impropriety, the Governor is not yet prepared to void th...

Gubernatorial candidate says RI's 9-1-1 system is wasteful

By: Alexandra Cowleyacowley@abc6.comRhode Island is wasting tens of millions of dollars on its 9–1–1 dispatch system, that according to one candidate for governor. Republican Ken Block says the ocean state has been doing it all wrong, and he has a plan to save you, the taxpayer a lot of money.Ken Block stood in front of Rhode Island state police headquarters to make his pitch on improving the state's 9–1–1 dispatch system.Block says, "In 48 other states emergency dispatch occurs from the same...


More Fallout from Rhode Island's Latest Political Scandal

Twitter: @markcurtisABC6 email: mcurtis@abc6.com David Caprio may be out as state Democratic Party Chairman but the fallout is far from over.Rhode Island State Police now confirm they are investigating beach concession contacts that were granted to Caprio, but managed by current State Rep. Peter Palumbo.The state's Republican Party says Palumbo must resign, too."We think that Peter Palumbo, in the best interests of his constituents, should step aside and step away from the race for 2014, unti...

Dee from the Desk: Putting RI Out of Business

You know the state is struggling economically when small business is becoming a charity. Rhode Island has consistently ranked last or next to last in the nation when it comes to business and economic matters and the story of Wilson’s of Wickford showcases Rhode Island’s economic issues.

Block calls for consolidation of emergency dispatch services

By: Dee DeQuattroTwitter: @deedequattroEmail: ddequattro@abc6.comGubernatorial Candidate Ken Block took aim at Rhode Island’s emergency dispatch service on Wednesday saying the state could save millions by consolidating services.

Brett Smiley outlines plan for "Good Government"

By: Dee DeQuattroEmail: ddequattro@abc6.comTwitter: @deedequattroProvidence Mayoral candidate Brett Smiley outlined what he calls his “Good Government Plan” calling for more transparency and an end to pay to play politics. “At its core this plan is about access it is about preventing disproportionate access by those with financial means and political connections and it’s about ensuring equal access by all,” said Smiley. Smiley’s 7-point plan called for contribution limits for individuals seek...

RI Democratic Party Chairman David Caprio resigns

The Chairman of the Rhode Island Democratic Party David Caprio  abruptly resigned on Tuesday.

Governor hopefuls meet in black business forum

By The Associated Pressnews@abc6.comPROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) _ Rhode Island's gubernatorial hopefuls have met at a forum sponsored by an association of minority-owned businesses that touched on issues including immigration, racial disparities in employment and the state's new voter identification law. The Rhode Island Black Business Association sponsored the two-hour event Tuesday evening. On the Democratic side, Providence Mayor Angel Taveras noted the city has taken steps to fight discrim...


"The Sunday Political Brunch" by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis

Twitter: @markcurtisABC6 Email: mcurtis@abc6.com(Providence, Rhode Island) – Things have been a little frosty between the United States and Russia of late, especially after the shoot down of the Malaysian Airlines flight over Ukraine. It got me to thinking that the old Cold War between the two world powers was heading back into the deep freeze. So, let’s “brunch” on some Cold Russian Borscht this week as we look back on the Cold War and what may lie ahead!“The Beginnings” – The tug of war tha...

Block, Fung announce policy plans if elected

By: Mark CurtisEmail: mcurtis@abc6.comIn seven weeks Rhode Island primary voters will head to polls and the Republican race for governor is really heating up.Candidate Ken Block held a press conference at the DMV on Tuesday saying he'll reform that agency, if elected.The DMV still has a multi-million dollar contract dispute with computer maker Hewlett-Packard and wait-times for customers are still long."Wait times at this department are at a three-year high. We've been asking people as they w...

Dee from the Desk: Democrats get their hands dirty

The first official jabs in the Democratic primary are being delivered in the latest round of television ads. Gina Raimondo is taking aim at Taveras claiming he has caused the city to bleed jobs by raising taxes on commercial properties.

Adrain drops out of Providence mayor's race

By The Associated Press news@abc6.com PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) _ Businessman Lorne Adrain says he's dropping out of Providence's mayoral race, saying the field of candidates posed a substantial risk to progress: an apparent reference to the entry into the race of former mayor and two-time convicted felon Buddy Cianci. He said Monday it was a tough decision but that it “gives us all the greatest opportunity to move Providence forward.'' Adrain first entered the race as a Democrat, but filed t...

McKee calls out Mollis on 38 Studios investigation

By Mark Curtis Cumberland mayor Dan McKee is heading to the Rhode IslandState House to lodge more complaints about the 38 studios deal. McKee says Secretary of State Ralph Mollis knew two years ago that Michael Corso was working as an unregistered lobbyist for 38 studios but that Mollis did not launch an investigation until a few months ago. "Well I think it is clear in 2012, that he knew and he didn't do anything there so it would be interesting,” says Mayor McKee. “You know where there is s...


"The Sunday Political Brunch" by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis

Twitter: @markcurtisABC6 email: mcurtis@abc6.com“The Sunday Political Brunch” -- July 20, 2014(Providence, Rhode Island) – I was chatting on Facebook Saturday with my old Washington, DC news colleague, Bob Franken of CNN fame – I was at Cox DC back then. I mentioned that as of January 2015, I would start spending a fair amount of time in New Hampshire, getting ready for the 2016 Presidential election. Yes, that’s right, the campaign there will begin in earnest right after this November’s elec...


Mayoral Opponents Tee Off on Candidate Buddy Cianci

Twitter: @markcurtisABC6 email: mcurtis @abc6.com They all seem to be pointing the finger at two–time Mayor Buddy Cianci.Independent Lorne Adrain dropped out this week; and now Republican candidate Dan Harrop may quit, too."I'm definitely staying in the race until at least October. At that time, the Republicans will make a joint decision about what's best for the city," said Dr. Dan Harrop, (R) Candidate for Providence Mayor.Harrop says he does not want Cianci to be Mayor again.ABC6 Chief Pol...

Rep. Cicilline to discuss combatting homelessness

By The Associated Press news@abc6.com PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) _ U.S. Rep. David Cicilline will meet with executives at the Mental Health Association of Rhode Island to discuss their plans to use a new federal grant to combat homelessness in the state. The group has a program that provides housing and support services to dozens of chronically homeless people across the state who suffer from mental illness, substance abuse or both. The organization received a $312,000 grant from the U.S. Depart...

Dee From The Desk: Will the Real GOP Candidate Please Stand Up

Does it ever feel like the wrong person is running for governor? If you are a member of the Rhode Island Republican Party it may seem that way. We are two months from the Republican Primary and the party is still arguing about former gubernatorial candidate John Robitaille. The Block fans have a renewed call now that “Allan Fung did not support John Robitaille for Governor and did nothing to help him in 2010.” The argument is based on a 2010 mailer sent just days before the election by the “L...

Chafee nominates new director of administration

By The Associated Pressnews@abc6.comPROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) _ Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee is nominating his policy director as director of administration.The Democrat's office said Thursday he's nominating Steven Hartford to replace Richard Licht. Licht is being sworn in as a Superior Court judge next month.Chafee's office also says Tom Mullaney will become acting director of the state Office of Management and Budget. Mullaney is executive director and budget officer in the Rhode Island Bu...

Cicilline announces re-election bid for 3rd term

By Jennifer Petracca jpetracca@abc6.com U.S. Congressman David Cicilline has formally announced that he will seek a third term in the U.S. House of Representatives. “I will continue to fight every single day to get Rhode Islanders back to work and to get our state’s economy moving again,” said Cicilline. “I am eager to continue fighting for the issues that matter the most to Rhode Island like creating good-paying jobs, rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure, fixing our broken immigration syst...

About half of Assembly seats unopposed in November

By The Associated Press news@abc6.com PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) _ About half the 113 seats in Rhode Island's overwhelmingly Democratic General Assembly will feature just one candidate on the November ballot, in large part because Republicans didn't find anyone to run. Thirty-seven of the 75 House seats will have one general election candidate. Candidates for the Senate will run unopposed in 20 of 38 districts. State GOP Chairman Mark Smiley called it unfortunate that more people didn't come for...


Mark Zaccaria Kicks Off U.S. Senate Campaign; Jack Reed Responds

Twitter: markcurtisABC6 mcurtis@abc6.comIt may be biggest uphill fight in all of Rhode Island politics this year, but Republican Mark Zaccaria officially kicked off his campaign to take on longtime Democratic U.S. Senator Jack Reed."We currently have catastrophic economic policies; we have catastrophic regulatory policies which are burying businesses and making the economic situation that much worse. We have catastrophic foreign policies."Zaccaria previously served two terms on the North King...

RI Democratic Party Meeting

By Mike LaCrosse mlacrosse@abc6.com The Rhode Island Democratic Party gave out seven endorsements during their meeting Sunday night, but it did not include giving an endorsement in the governor’s race. “We have three excellent candidates and they were all gracious enough to suggest that we not endorse anyone tonight, which is what I am gonna ask everyone to do for the good of the party,” said RI House Speaker Nick Mattielo. Sec. of State Ralph Mollis got the party’s backing for Lt. Governor...

Republican Block to push next for line-item veto

by News Staffnews@abc6.comThe Associated PressGOP gubernatorial hopeful Ken Block says he'll be turning his attention to the line-item veto now that legislation abolishing the so-called master lever has been signed into law.The Moderate Party founder has been pushing for years to eliminate the straight-ticket voting option on Rhode Island ballots.Gov. Lincoln Chafee signed the legislation Tuesday.The change takes effect Jan. 1.Block said Wednesday his "next little project'' will be pushing fo...

Block accuses Fung of lying about Deepwater Wind donations

By Olivia Ciancinews@abc6.comGubernatorial candidate Ken Block fired off at rival Alan Fung Monday. Block accused Fung of lying about thousands of dollars in donations from the people involved in “deepwater wind”. The company is currently working on a project that will bring five wind turbines off the coast of Block IslandFinancerecords show Fung received nearly $7,500 dollars from them. He says the claim is untrue.


Cianci Faces Some Obstacles in Providence Mayor's Race

@markcurtisABC6 on Twittermcurtis@abc6.comThere may have been a lot of fanfare for Buddy Cianci Wednesday, as he announced his bid to again become Providence Mayor. But he faces some potential obstacles. Since he is running as an independent, current Mayor Angel Taveras says he will eventually endorse the Democratic primary winner, not Cianci. "I trust the voters, in terms of making sure the city moves forward, and that the progress that we have started under my administration, continues into...


More Rhode Island Politicians React to Buddy Cianci's Candidacy

A Friday morning transportation event was a who's who of Rhode Island politics, but the person who was not there is still getting most of the attention. So how are the state's leader's reacting to Buddy Cianci on the ballot, trying o become mayor for the third time. "It's America. Sure I see the national press and that's unfortunate, but people have a right to run if they get the signatures and get on the ballot," said Gov. Lincoln Chafee, (D) Rhode Island. Clearly the political establishment...


Buddy Cianci's Mayoral Run as an Independent May Prove Key

mcurtis@abc6.comTwitter: @markcurtisABC6"Today, with a sense of humility, contrition and confidence, I announce to you my candidacy for Mayor of Providence," said former Mayor Vincent “Buddy” Cianci, Jr., on his final WPRO 630-AM radio show. And with that, Buddy Cianci, Jr., announced his bid to become Providence Mayor, a third time. He's already citing a laundry list of the city's needs. "A good education system can really develop in the city; number three – that you have affordable housin...

Dee from the Desk: All eyes on Providence

Move over Gina Raimondo, Angel Taveras, Clay Pell, Ken Block, and Allan Fung, your race is no long the most interesting race in Rhode Island; the Providence mayor’s race is. As Buddy Cianci made history yesterday announcing that he will run for Mayor of Providence as an independent, the governor’s race was shifted to the back burner as people across the country turned their eyes to the smallest state’s capital city. As an Independent, Cianci will face off against the winner of the Democratic ...

Mayoral candidates react to Cianci's announcement

By Sean Cahill scahill@abc6.com Former Mayor of Providence Buddy Cianci announced today that for a third time, he will run for the office. Some of the other candidates have released statements already in response to Cianci’s announcement. Brett Smiley (D): "Providence cannot afford to return to the corrupt politics of the past, and that is what Buddy Cianci's candidacy represents. Despite his many strengths, Cianci's time in office was characterized by widespread corruption, capped by his ow...

Buddy Cianci: I have the paperwork I need to file

By: Dee DeQuattroEmail: ddequattro@abc6.comTwitter: @deedequattroToday is the last day for former Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci to announce whether or not he will run for Mayor of Providence. Cianci must file his candidate declaration form with Providence City Hall by 4 p.m. today if he plans to run.Cianci told ABC6 News at Noon that he does have the paper work that he would need to file to run for office. Cianci's granddaughter signed the paperwork as a witness in our newsroom.Cianci has bee...

Cicilline advocates gun safety with new campaign

By Jennifer Petraccanews@abc6.comJune 21st has been designated as “National Asking Saves Kids” Day (ASK), by U.S. Congressman David Cicilline. ASK encourages parents to ask the question, “Is there an unlocked gun where my child plays?” before sending their child to play at another home. Cicilline was joined by Executive Director of the Rhode Island American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Frank Donahue, and other AAP members, advocating for common sense gun laws to spotlight National ASK Day. ...

Buddy Cianci to run for Mayor again

By: Dee DeQuattroEmail: ddequattro@abc6.comTwitter: @deedequattroIt’s official. Former Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci will run for mayor of Providence in 2014. Cianci supporter Freddie Passarelli submitted the candidate declaration form just before the close of city hall on Wednesday.

Mayor Taveras highlights successful 2014 summer jobs program

by Shannon O'Hara news@abc6.com Thursday morning Mayor Taveras visited the Providence youth of Inspiring Minds to recognize the work throughout the community. Inspiring Minds, a Providence nonprofit dedicated to helping students succeed in school, is administered by many organizations including Workforce Solutions of Providence/Cranston and the Providence Department of Parks and Recreation.


Republican Catherine Taylor Announces for Lt. Governor

The race for Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island will be contested this year, as Republican Catherine Taylor kicked off her campaign Monday. While the job has few official duties, she would like it to focus on health care, emergency management and small business development. "I think that there is work there, that a capable and creative and hard working lieutenant governor could do, especially working with the governor," Catherine Taylor said. With Rhode island's economy sagging, some busi...


Attorney General Peter Kilmartin Announces Reelection Bid

To the polite applause of his supporters, Attorney General Peter Kilmartin walked into the V.F.W. Post in his hometown of Pawtucket. Kilmartin wants a second term as Attorney General, after serving 20 years in the General Assembly. "And I helped pass laws to protect children from predators; strengthened DUI laws; provide witness protection; prohibit texting while driving," said Attorney General Kilmartin. Kilmartin was a career police office in Pawtucket retiring as a captain. But critics say...

Chafee signs $8.7B budget for fiscal 2015

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) _ Gov. Lincoln Chafee has signed an $8.7 billion state budget for fiscal year 2015 that lowers the corporate tax, increases public education spending and honors the debt related to 38 Studios. The Democratic governor signed the budget in a Statehouse ceremony Thursday afternoon. House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello called it a bold budget that sets Rhode Island in a new direction and sends a message the state is ``open for business.'' Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed ...

Buddy Cianci Weighing a Comeback

By The Associated Press PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Buddy Cianci has served two stints as mayor of Rhode Island’s capital city, and both ended in felony convictions. Now he may try for a third. Cianci’s charisma and shenanigans put him and Providence in the national spotlight — for good and ill — during his 21 years at the city’s helm. He says he’s leaning toward running again, 12 years after his conviction and prison sentence for overseeing widespread corru...

Gina Raimondo released her plan for RI public transit system

Email: news@abc6.comBy: The Associated PressCRANSTON, R.I. (AP) _ Gubernatorial candidate Gina Raimondo has released her plan for the public transit system in Rhode Island. The Democratic treasurer unveiled her plan Thursday at the Knightsville Manor in Cranston. If elected, Raimondo said she would find a stable, sustainable funding formula for the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority, work to attract more riders and review the routes. She said she would also explore opportunities for pub...

Reed honors WWII Veteran

By News Staffnews@abc6.comToday U.S. Senator Jack Reed held a special ceremony honoring World War II Veteran, Louis Gautieri Jr., 87, of Johsnton, marking the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Gautieri received the military awards he earned for his service more than 67 years after coming home. Reed presented Gautieri with a number of awards, including the World War II Victory Medal, the American Campaign Medal, the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with one bronze star appurtenance, the Combat Action ...

Dee from the Desk: The GOP's saving grace

Dee from the Desk: The GOP's saving grace

We could be in for a heated political rematch. Yesterday, Catherine Taylor announced that she will be resigning from the Division of Elderly Affairs to run for Lt. Governor as a Republican. It’s not a political shocker or any type of political bomb, it has been pretty obvious that she will run again since she almost ousted sitting Secretary of State Ralph Mollis in 2010. Taylor has been waiting in the wings to run and now instead of running for Secretary of State for a second time, Taylor has...

Republican announces run for Lt. Governor

By: Dee DeQuattroEmail: ddequattro@abc6.comTwitter: @deedequattroA former candidate for Secretary of State will run for Lt. Governor. Republican Catherine Taylor, who was appointed as the director of the Division of Elderly Affairs after losing to Ralph Mollis in the 2010 election, will resign from the post to run for Lt. Governor. Taylor’s resignation will be effective as of June 20th. “Once I separate from state service and launch my campaign I look forward to sharing my ideas about how the...


"The Sunday Political Brunch" - ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis

“The Sunday Political Brunch” -- June 8, 2014 by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtismcurtis@abc6.comor @markcurtisABC6 on Twitter (Providence, Rhode Island) – Happy 3rd Birthday to “The Sunday Political BBrunch” This has been my weekly venue to talk about national politics, especially in the critical two-year election cycle; while I also have my day-job covering state and local politics in New England. Pretty soon I will start making my quadrennial ventures to New Hampshire to start tal...

Taveras unveils plan for RI veterans

By: Dee DeQuattroEmail: ddequattro@abc6.comTwitter: @deedequattroProvidence Mayor Angel Taveras has announced his plan for Rhode Island veterans if he is elected governor. The Democrat’s plan entitled “Operation Welcome Home” would establish a separate Rhode Island Division of Veterans Affairs as a cabinet level department in Rhode Islan...


Republican Ray McKay Loses Another Round to get on U.S. Senate Ballot

by ABC6 News Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtismcurtis@abc6.comor @markcurtisABC6Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Ray McKay walked out of federal court after losing another battle in his fight to take on U.S. Senator Jack Reed. McKay says he's not giving up. "We are not ruling out running. The leave of absence is something we will be discussing over the weekend. We I say we, that will be a family and a campaign discussion over this weekend," said Ray McKay, (R) Possible U.S. Senate Candidate ...

Dee from the Desk: Let the ads begin

And let the ads begin… Republican Allan Fung is the first candidate to hit the airwaves with a television ad and a day later Democrat Gina Raimondo was also buying airtime. Fung’s ad buy is centered on the premise “he turned around Cranston and now he can turn around Rhode Island,” a clear attempt by Fung to show that his experience as Mayor of Cranston will help him be the next governor. Meanwhile, Block suppor...

Dee from the Desk: Clay Pell's changing resume?

Clay Pell has continuously touted his experience and skills as a reason he should be elected governor of Rhode Island but when taking a good look at Pell’s resume it seems to change on different platforms. The biography about Pell provided by the Department of Education (here), the biography provided when he was a White House fellow (here) and his biography on his campaign website (here) all have differences tha...


TV Ad Wars Begin in Rhode Island Governor's Race

by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis mcurtis@abc6.com "Who do we hire to turn around Rhode Island?" says the Fung for Governor TV Ad." The first television ad for the 2014 Governor's race comes from Republican Allan Fung. The ads begin airing next Tuesday. "These ads are going to define to all the people of Rhode Island, all the positives that we are doing," said Fung, currently the Mayor of Cranston. Fung's opponent Ken Block will have his ads on TV soon, but the sniping has alread...

Block takes aim at Taveras for school administrator

By: Dee DeQuattroEmail: ddequattro@abc6.comTwitter: @deedequattroRepublican Gubernatorial candidate Ken Block took aim at Democratic Candidate Providence Mayor Angel Taveras today after it was revealed that a Providence school administrator falsified her resume and will be allowed to keep her job. “This type of behavior cannot be tolerated within our educational system and Mayor Taveras has been asleep at the switch,” said Block. “What type of message are we se...


Meet Todd Giroux, (D) Candidate for Rhode Island Governor

by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis mcurtis@abc6.com Five candidates for Rhode Island governor are household names. Then there is independent candidate–turned Democrat, Todd Giroux, who is waging a "David versus Goliath" campaign. "Send a message that says the legislature needs to do something different. Other states are succeeding; we're failing behind. There's a people's candidate in this race. I have a vision and I need your support for that," said Todd Giroux, (D) Candidate for G...


Taveras Unveils Tourism Plan if Elected RI Governor

By ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis mcurtis@abc6.com East Matunuck State Beach was very beautiful, but very desolate this Monday morning. One couple having the view much pretty much to themselves. But one candidate for Governor wants to change that. Angel Taveras hoping to boost tourism as part of his economic redevelopment plan. "Tourism is a driver; it's an economic driver. The more people that we have that come into Rhode Island, the better off that we are. The more money they spe...


Meet Gina Raimondo, (D) Candidate for Rhode Island Governor

by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis Democrat Gina Raimondo wants a promotion to Governor, after serving one term as State Treasurer. "I'm very worried. I am worried for my own children's future. I am worried for all the people and the families that are struggling, that don't have jobs. We have the highest unemployment rate in the country. It's time for some leadership. A leader who has the courage to take on the tough issues," said Gina Raimondo, (D) Candidate for Rhode Island Govern...


Meet Angel Taveras: (D) Candidate for Rhode Island Governor

by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis mcurtis@abc6.comAngel Taveras has a rags to riches story, and now wants to take his successes as Mayor, and move them to the State House as Governor. "To have a chance to be Governor, to help create jobs, to improve education, to leave the state stronger than I found it. It's a wonderful opportunity to make a big difference in the future of our state," said Mayor Angel Taveras, (D) Candidate for Rhode Island Governor. All candidates agree the econo...


Meet Clay Pell, (D) Candidate for Rhode Island Governor

by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis mcurtis@abc6.com He may have a famous wife; and he may have a famous political name; but newcomer Clay Pell says he his own man. He wants to be the next Governor of Rhode Island. "I believe that government – when done right – can really change people's lives. We really can help people get a first class education. We really can build our roads and our bridges. We really can create jobs," said Clay Pell, (D) Candidate for Rhode Island Governor. To do...


Meet Ken Block: (R) Candidate for Rhode Island Governor

by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis mcurtis@abc6.com Beginning Sunday May 11, ABC6 will be profiling each of the major party candidates for Rhode Island Governor.We will hear from each candidate - in his or her own words - speaking about the issues that matter to you, from the state's economy, to social issues such as gun control and legal marijuana.Sunday night, hear from Ken Block, one of the Republican candidates for Governor. Count on ABC6 and ABC6.com for complete coverage of Ca...


Meet Allan Fung: (R) Candidate for Rhode Island Governor

by ABC6 News Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtismcurtis@abc6.comRepublican Allan Fung wants to be Rhode Island’s next Governor. After serving four years on the City Council - and six year as Mayor - he wants to share his city's success. "We've created an atmosphere where the employers are thriving, there are over a thousand new jobs in my first couple of terms. There's no reason why this shouldn't be happening on a statewide level, in cities and towns across this state..." "Bottom line is, I...

Mayor Taveras launch's statewide arts and events calendar

By News Staff news@abc6.com Mayor Angel Tavares announced to day the launch of ArtsNowRI, a centralized arts and events database for the State of Rhode Island. On the site, visitors can browse thousands of listings from over 500 organizations and venues located across the state. Tavares says the art calendar is a step forward for his economic development action plan, Putting Providence Back to Work, which called for improvements to the visitor experience in the Capital City. ArtsNowRI is a ...

Dee from the Desk: Where are the veteran plans?

As Memorial Day approaches most people are preparing for backyard barbeques and beer. However, others are remembering the true meaning of the holiday and are honoring those who have given their lives for this nation on the battlefield. The unfortunate truth is for most people Memorial Day is just a day off from work, not a day to honor our service men and woman; a group that is too often forgotten. I see it everyday, in full disclosure here, my father is the President and Founder of Operatio...


Clay Pell Loans Campaign Another $1 Million

by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtismcurtis@abc6.comDemocratic candidate for Governor Clay Pell was shaking hands and talking education policy in East Providence. This, the very day the latest campaign finance reports are out. Pell has just lent his campaign for Governor another one million dollars. "Certainly in terms of my time, in terms of my effort and whatever resources I have, I am committed to making sure that we are able to run a very competitive campaign," Pell said. Pell has...


"The Sunday Political Brunch" - ABC6 Political Reporter Mark Curtis

by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis mcurtis@abc6.com “The Sunday Political Brunch” -- May 4, 2014 (Providence, Rhode Island) – I attended a fun birthday party this past week for my friend, co-worker, and fellow Marquette University alum Vincent A. “Buddy” Cianci, Jr. At 73, Buddy is beating back cancer, and thinking about running for a third stint as Mayor of Providence (Photo above with former Mayor Joe Paolino, me, and former Mayor Cianci). It got me thinking about some of the more...

Pell promises free tuition for more students at CCRI

By News Staff new@abc6.com As many as 1,000 students in need may get free tuition at CCRI. That was the promise from democratic candidate for Governor Clay Pell today. Pell was in East Providence unveiling more of his state education plan. He says every year there are 1,000 students turned away from community college educations, because they just can't pay the tuition. He wants the state to bridge that gap. "I believe we should double the total amount from $4 million to $8 million dollars th...

Taveras budget plan 'balanced with discipline

By The Associated Pressnews@abc6.com PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) _ Gubernatorial hopeful Angel Taveras has released his final budget proposal as Providence mayor, calling for $10 million in school upgrades and no tax increases. The Democrat's $678 million budget for the 2015 fiscal year represents a 2 percent increase in overall spending. It includes a $16 million hike in the schools budget. The blueprint includes previously agreed-to raises for city workers, police and firefighters of between...

Pell donates another million to his campaign

By: Dee DeQuattroEmail: ddequattro@abc6.comTwitter: @deedequattroGubernatorial candidates are rushing to file campaign finance reports by the close of business today. Democratic Candidate Clay Pell submitted his report revealing an additional personal loan of $1.05 Million bringing his campaign coffers to just over $2.07 million. Last fall Pell gave $1.03 Million to his own campaign. With this donation Pell’s coffer now leads that of Providence Mayor Angel Tav...

Dee from the Desk: Good Government Crusaders

Now that the “Master Lever bill” has passed through committee and is headed to the house floor for a vote, the Democrat Representatives should pass it. Why not? They literally have nothing to lose. House Speaker Nick Mattiello said it the best, he is quoted in today’s Providence Journal saying, “I leave the Senate to their judgment.” So while the House Judiciary Committee looks like heroes of good government for allowing the bill to go to a full vote, every Democrat in the House can sleep e...

Dee from the Desk: On the Campaign Trail

The Democratic candidates for governor hit the campaign trail hard this week rolling out their policy plans. They, like the Republicans, have a lot of the same ideas, for instance, they all love internship programs and infrastructure. There are some differences in each of their plans. For example, Pell’s plans tend to cater the most to the left but in reality as a whole all their plans have very similar concepts. For a while there, Clay Pell was becoming as scarce as his car. But Wednesday, f...

Dee from the Desk: A primary issue, GOTV

In September, it is not going to matter who voted for who, or who had a scandal in their police department, but rather who can get out the vote. The Republicans are faced with a difficult task in the September

Raimondo rolls out part 5 of her jobs plan

By: Dee DeQuattroEmail: ddequattroTwitter: @deedequattroGina Raimondo rolled out the final component of her five part jobs plan. The final component focuses on Raimondo's plan to encourage entrepreneurship

Fung announces education plan

By: Dee DeQuattroEmail: ddequattro@abc6.comTwitter: @deedequattroRepublican Gubernatorial Candidate Allan Fung rolled out his five tier education plan. Fung said that if he is elected governor he would want the Commissioner of Education to report directly to the governor. Further he said it is imperative that the state return to the original two education boards; one for K-12 and another for higher education. Two years ago, the General Assembly combined the two boards into one. Fung said t...


Clay Pell Unveils Economic Plan if Elected RI Governor

by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis mcurtis@abc6.com It was the first time Democrat Clay Pell has faced reporters as a group, since his campaign kick off three months ago. This time it was to outline his economic plan. It focuses heavily on education, and would give every high school student in Rhode Island a professional internship. He says he can do that without raising taxes. "These are absolutely supportable within an 8–point–five billion dollar budget. This is a question of pri...

Fung plans to cut taxes by up to $200 million

By: Dee DeQuattro Email: ddequattro@abc6.com Twitter:@deedequattro As many Rhode Islanders are lining up to pay their taxes, Cranston Mayor Allan Fung rolled out his tax reform plan if he is elected


Brown Poll Shows RI Race for Governor a Dead Heat

by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis mcurtis@abc6.com General Treasurer Gina Raimondo has a slight lead in the latest Taubman Center Poll at Brown University, but the margin of error puts her

Dee from the Desk: Opening Pandora's Box

The first attack ad of the campaign season has been released by the Fung for Governor Campaign. The ad takes on Republican Ken Block for voting for President Obama twice in the past elections. It quotes

Dee from the Desk: Taking on a city ordinance

It's been said, many times, many ways: Politics makes strange bed fellows. This time a city ordinance has brought the head of the most conservative faction of the Rhode Island Republican Party and the

Dee from the Desk: Pell takes on the police

New reports indicate that before Clay Pell's Prius was stolen in February the gubernatorial candidate misplaced the car and alerted police back in December. He then found the car an notified the police,


Raimondo lays out road, bridge rebuilding and jobs plan

by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis mcurtis@abc6.com This rundown bridge that links Rhode Island to Massachusetts is becoming a centerpiece in the race for Governor. Democratic candidate Gina

Dee from the Desk: The Alpha Dog

Hamsters, tiger sharks, and some species of spiders are all known to eat their young. For these creatures sometimes it is pure instinctual. Not that they necessarily want to see an end for their own kind

Dee from the Desk: Clay Pell, is he for real?

Lots of attention has been paid to the wife of gubernatorial candidate Clay Pell lately. Olympic Figure Skater Michelle Kwan is taking some slack for listing her hometown as Washington D.C. in a national

Dee from the Desk: The Block Plan

In a surprise announcement at Taco Industries on Tuesday gubernatorial candidate Ken Block announced: he is running for governor! Block, who has been in the race even before he became a Republican over

Pell calls for more money for cities and town after pension deal

Dee DeQuattroddequattro@abc6.com@deedequattroGubernatorial Caniddate Clay Pell says as Governor he will double the money that the state gives to local municipalities through the Municipal Incentive Aid

Dee from the Desk: Hedge your bets

In politics money speaks louder than words. That's why when it was announced that John Hazen White Jr. CEO of TACO Industries would be speaking at a March 4 fundraiser for gubernatorial candidate Ken


Clay Pell says he should have voted more often

by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis mcurtis@abc6.com Democratic candidate for Rhode Island Governor Clay Pell was walking the streets of Providence Monday, and also answering questions as to why

Dee from the Desk: The Real "Gun" Candidate

Guns have become a political weapon in the 2014 Campaign. The Democrats are trying to prove who is the most in favor of gun control and meanwhile the Republicans need to court the "gun vote." Over 20,000


Gun video compares Raimondo to Hitler

by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis mcurtis@abc6.com   "Today folks Gina Raimondo loaded the canon," said the You Tube video by Ed Doyle. It is the political 'spot' hear round the world - a 'You Tube'

Mayor Fung not happy about City Council Resolution

By Mike LaCrosse mlacrosse@abc6.com The Cranston City Council is not backing down on its efforts to bring Mayor Fung before them to answer questions about the police ticket scandal. Monday night, the

Clay Pell announces run for Governor in YouTube video

By: Alexandra Cowley acowley@abc6.com Ahead of his big announcement Tuesday, Clay Pell posts a YouTube video on his campaign website detailing his plans to run. In the video Pell says he and wife Michelle

Michael Soloman announces candidacy for mayor

By: Dee DeQuattro Email: ddequattro@abc6.com Twitter: @deedequattro Providence City Council President Michael Solomon formally launched his campaign for mayor Wednesday morning. The centerpiece of

Dee from the Desk: No press is bad press

Have you ever heard the saying no press is bad press? Well, there has been no lack of headlines for Cranston Mayor Allan Fung. First Fung found himself immersed in the center of a parking ticket scandal

Dee from the Desk: The GOP endorsement and why it doesn't matter

The one endorsement that might actually make a difference in the Republican primary is not that of the party and it's unlikely to actually happen. There is no surprise that the two gubernatorial hopefuls

Dee from the Desk: Raimondo welcomes Pell to the race

No one was celebrating more at the "announcement" that Clay Pell will make an "announcement" than the Gina Raimondo for Governor Campaign. While Clay Pell gears up to announce his run for Governor of

Dee from the Desk: Block speculates Republican Run

For the next two months you can expect to see a whole lot more of Ken Block. Block, who has announced his candidacy for Governor as a Moderate, has put up 15 billboards throughout Rhode Island. The

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