International Travel: Is it Safe?
International Travel: Is it Safe?

When traveling abroad, one must remember Dorothy’s famous words that you’re not in Kansas anymore. Here are a few tips to ensure a safe and pleasant trip.

Travel Safety
Travel Safety

Proper knowledge and preparation will ensure a safe and comfortable experience. Be armed before you go!
- Knowledge is Key!
- Are You Prepared?
- What to Bring
- While You Are There

February 28th, 3:33 PM
U.S. Customs
U.S. Customs

Knowing the rules and what to expect, makes for a quick and easy process for all.
- U.S Customs Overview
- What Do I Need to Declare?
- What Are "Exemptions"?
- How Much Do I Pay?
- What Items are Prohibited?

February 19th, 1:51 PM

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