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USB-based YubiKey now boosts security for iPhones running iOS 11

YubiKey, the formerly USB-exclusive security key, now works with iPhones with NFC chips embedded that are running iOS 11. The device is currently only compatible with LastPass, but more apps are likely to be added in the...

Looks at the size of that thing! LG shows off its 77-inch rollable OLED TV

LG’s massive 77-inch transparent rollable OLED shows that the company is making fast progress and these futuristic display technologies might come to your living room sooner than you think.

Google Duplex sounds human when it, um, calls to book appointments

Google Duplex is a new technology that uses Google Assistant to make phone calls and book appointments. Instead of sounding robotic, the voice sounds like it might be coming for an actual, human assistant.

5 Things the rumored Surface tablet will need to beat the iPad

With a new Surface tablet supposedly in the works, Microsoft will need to do something special to compete in the entry-level tablet market. Here's what we want to see when it makes its debut.

Google Maps will soon make navigating city streets a whole lot easier

At Google I/O, the company gave us a sneak peek at what's yet to come from Google Maps. No matter how nonexistent your sense of direction might be, Google can help with its new visual positioning system.

Stay fit and save cash with our top 10 affordable Fitbit alternatives

As much as we love Fitbits, they're rather expensive. If all you want is a simple activity tracker for keeping up with your fitness goals, however, then one of these cheap Fitbit alternatives might be just what you need.

As A.I. takes over, Microsoft’s CEO sees the entire world as one big computer

At a presentation in London, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the right metaphor as the company moves forward in an A.I.-first world was to view the Earth as one big computer due to the rise of A.I., cloud computing, and...

HP Spectre x360 15 vs. Dell XPS 15 2-in-1

In the battle for the best convertible laptop sporting Intel's new G-series CPU with AMD Vega graphics, we pit the HP Spectre x360 15 vs. Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 to see which comes out on top.

Dead rising: Old phones we want to see zapped back to life

Nokia and BlackBerry made successful returns by trading on much-loved old designs, but they aren't the only ones with a strong back catalog that we'd like to see given a new lease of life.

Watch SpaceX attempt to catch a payload fairing with a boat named ‘Mr. Steven’

Less than two weeks have passed since SpaceX's last rocket launch, but today the company will attempt to break free from the shackles of gravity and reach orbit once again, launching yet another Falcon 9 rocket today.

OnePlus 6 vs. LG G7 ThinQ: Can the flagship killer sink LG’s latest?

We take a closer look at two competitively priced Android smartphones: The LG G7 ThinQ and the OnePlus 6. Find out about the strengths and weaknesses of each phone as we compare them in a head-to-head battle featuring...

Best iOS app deals of the day! 6 paid iPhone apps are free for a limited time

Everyone likes apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive. Developers put paid apps on sale for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up fast. Here are the latest and greatest iOS app deals offered in the...

Here’s absolutely everything we know about the HTC U12 Plus

The annual flagship release schedule is underway, and HTC is no stranger to that particular dance. Here are all the news and rumors that we've been able to gather about the HTC U12 Plus.

Here’s every device available through Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones

Amazon has been adding more phones to its Prime Exclusive Phones program. We've rounded up all the devices you can get discounted, with some great phones from massive names like LG and Motorola.

Fire! Gadgets thrown in the trash are causing battery blazes at waste centers

Lithium-ion-battery fires inside garbage trucks and at waste centers are on the rise as consumers fail to properly recycle their gadgets. The issue has become so serious that California has launched an awareness campaign.

Comcast’s Xfi Pods turn power sockets into a mesh Wi-Fi network

After an initial launch in Boston and Chicago, Comcast's Xfi Pods are now available to all Xfinity internet subscribers across the nation in a three-pack for $119, or a six-pack for $199. They're compatible with only two...

Uber vs. Lyft: Which ridesharing app goes the distance?

Uber and Lyft have changed the way people get from A to B, and while these ridesharing companies provide the same service on paper, they operate in different ways. Here, we break down the major differences between the two.

The LG G7 ThinQ smartphone: News, rumors, and everything we know

LG plans to unveil its next flagship, the LG G7 ThinQ, on May 2. How will the company improve upon last year's award-winning LG G6? If rumors are true, the ThinQ will be a huge departure from its predecessor.

When is your phone getting Android P? We asked every major manufacturer

The second beta for Android P has been released -- and it's available for quite a few devices. But when is your phone getting Android P? We asked every device manufacturer to see when their devices would be getting the...

Huawei’s MateBook X Pro is everything that’s right with modern laptop design

Huawei showed off its new MateBook X Pro at Mobile World Congress this weekend. With tiny bezels and great specs, this laptop stands out as a design that got me excited for their future. The computer is now available in...

From BigDog to SpotMini: Tracing the evolution of Boston Dynamics robo-dogs

Launched in 1992, Boston Dynamics has introduced some of the most advanced robots around, especially when it comes to replicating the movement of animals, like it's canine-inspired machines.

Acer’s new 4K, HDR, 144Hz G-Sync gaming monitor will cost $2,000

Acer's new Predator x27 G-Sync gaming monitor is just about everything you could want in a display. It's 4K, has a 144Hz refresh rate, and has full HDR support. But you will have to pay a premium for it.

How much energy does Bitcoin mining require? Experts are unsure

How much energy is used in the mining of Bitcoin? A recently released study suggests its as much as the annual energy consumption of Ireland. However, many experts disagree with those findings.

New Samsung ad compares Galaxy S9 to iPhone 6, for some reason

Samsung's latest ad aims to persuade iPhone owners to ditch their Apple-made handset in favor of its flagship Galaxy S9 handset. So why did the ad feature a four-year-old iPhone 6?

NASA’s planet hunter satellite sends back its first image — and it’s amazing

A routine calibration test on NASA's exoplanet mission has produced a stunning image, capturing more than 200,000 stars in the southern sky. Future images will provide even more details as we search for signs of alien life.

It’s easy to get serious about self-care with the quirky, fun Aloe Bud app

Aloe Bud is a self-care companion app that gives users gentle reminders via push notifications. Whether it's staying hydrated throughout the day or taking breaks from work, you can set and customize activities yourself to...

NASA’s planet-hunting TESS satellite: What you need to know

NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) will seek out new exoplanets close to Earth — and possibly extraterrestrial life. Here's everything you need to know about the satellite.

The Internet is sick. Here’s how Mozilla is making it healthy again

Recently, Mozilla brought together thousands of open source activists and engineers for its Global Sprint hackathon event. Their goal? To make the internet a better place. Is that one hack too far?

Razer Blade Stealth vs. Dell XPS 13

Pitting the Razer Blade Stealth vs. Dell XPS 13 sees two of the best mid-range, mainstream laptops battle it our for the crown of our favorite laptop in the world. Which will come out on top?

Razer Blade Stealth vs. Apple MacBook Pro

In the battle of the Razer Blade Stealth vs. MacBook Pro, which is the best mainstream laptop? Their operating systems might be decidedly different, but their internal hardware isn't.

The best iPhone X screen protectors

Wondering how to protect your new iPhone X against scratches and drops? Look no further than our list of best iPhone X screen protectors, which includes a bevy of screen protectors designed to reinforce your phone's front...

Incase’s ProConnected smart luggage is a rolling power station for hungry devices

Incase is introducing its new smart luggage series, called ProConnected, with the 4 Wheel Hubless Roller. At the heart of this stylish carry-on is a large-capacity battery that can recharge a USB-C laptop, but light on...

Ridy smart camera will alert drivers when they’re drowsy or distracted

Using impressive machine learning technology, Ridy is a forthcoming smart camera which watches your face as you drive to notice behavior that suggests you are tired or distracted.

A.I. border agents could use machine smarts to tell if travelers are lying

If you're at an airport or border crossing in the next few years, you could possibly find yourself answering questions asked by a surly artificial intelligence with very little tolerance for lying.

OnePlus 6 vs OnePlus 3T vs OnePlus 3: Is the new phone worth the upgrade?

OnePlus has finally launched the highly anticipated OnePlus 6, boasting 2018 specs, including the Snapdragon 845, and a new design with a beautiful and big display. But is the new phone worth buying if you already have a...

Here’s how to block an unwanted number on any smartphone

Whether you're being barraged with lots of unwanted calls from telemarketers or simply want to avoid calls from a particular individual, blocking unwanted calls is easy. Here's a guide on how to block a number on any...

How to change your language in Google Chrome

Browsing the web the way you want to is one of the tenets of the modern world and that means consuming it in the language you want. To help make that happen, here's how to change your language in Google Chrome.

Intel Core i5 vs i7

This guide is designed to help you decide whether you need the extra technological enhancements provided by the i7 core, or if the more affordable Core i5 will suit your needs. In the i5 vs. i7 battle, which is best for you?

Sprint follows T-Mobile’s lead with new unlimited data plan for seniors

Sprint has announced a new unlimited data plan built specifically for seniors and coming in at only $70 for two lines. Of course, the new plan has some serious competition -- T-Mobile's seniors plan comes at the same price.

Here’s what we want from MacOS in 2018

Curious about MacOS 2018 rumors? There are plenty of features and upgrades that we'd love to see come to the new version of MacOS. Some updates are more or less confirmed by Apple, while other possibilities are just wild...

How gaming company Unity is driving automakers toward virtual reality

Unity Technologies, best known for the software tools it builds for game developers, has quietly turned its attention toward the auto industry. Unity's tech now enables virtual walkarounds of cars that haven't even been...

Nvidia may release the GTX 1180 Founders Edition in July

NVidia's next-generation graphics cards may be set to debut sooner than we expected. New rumors suggest that Nvidia could release the Founders Editions of its GTX 1180 and 1170 by July.

This $4,600 solar charger comes with an iPhone X attached

The company that once brought us an iPhone with an engraving of Vladimir Putin's face on the back is now offering a solar charger built onto an iPhone X. The device comes with the phone attached and can't be bought...

Stellina smart telescope on sale exclusively through Museum of Modern Art

While traditional telescopes can be difficult to use and install, Stellina offers up a simple, more user-friendly way to take a closer look at the heavens. This app-enabled telescope hopes to bring astronomy to the masses.

Everything you need to know about the cool Nokia 8 Sirocco

Take a step back and admire the most beautiful Nokia smartphone we've seen in a while. It's the Nokia 8 Sirocco, and it's as powerful as it is beautiful. After a few months wait, the phone has been released, and we've got...

The best VR apps for gaming and more

Virtual reality isn't all about gaming. Swim with turtles, paint in 3D, and immerse yourself in some of the most unique experiences the platform has to offer, with our curated list of the best VR apps.

Comparing smartphones to find the most bezel-less design

As the smartphone industry marches toward a bezel-less future, we compare the shrinking bezels on the latest and greatest devices. Find out who has the smallest bezels on their smartphone as we measure them up side by side.

Kickstarter just rolled out a new feature that makes crowdfunding less sketchy

Pledging your support to a crowdfunding project has always been a somewhat risky endeavor, but Kickstarter just rolled out a new feature that will hopefully make backing projects less sketchy.

Here’s everything we know about the HTC Exodus smartphone

HTC has another smartphone on the horizon, and this time it's geared toward blockchain technology. Known as the HTC Exodus, the smartphone is designed to support cryptocurrencies and decentralization. Here's everything we...

14 Major milestones along the brief history of 3D printing

3D printing is one of the most revolutionary technologies today allowing anyone to turn an idea into a physical product. Here are the landmark events that brought it to where it is in 2018.

Microsoft Build and Google I/O are over. Who came out on top?

Google and Microsoft both leveraged AI in their I/O and Build to demo digital assistants, accessibility and healthcare, and the Internet of Things. Google's more impressive Duplex technology may score it an early win.

Record-breaking solar still purifies water with clever geometry and … paper?

There is nothing new about the idea of using the sun’s energy to evaporate and purify water. But researchers from the University at Buffalo have developed a way to greatly improve efficiency.

Here’s everything we know about Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4

Last year, Samsung released its Galaxy Tab S3. Rumors are now starting to surface about its successor -- the Galaxy Tab S4. From specs to a release date, here's everything we know so far about Samsung's upcoming tablet.

To unlock secrets of evolution, scientists want to sequence all life on Earth

The Earth BioGenome Project has an ambitious goal — to sequence the DNA of all plants and animals species on Earth. In doing so they hope to unlock secrets of evolution and help preserve the blueprint of species for...

The new Honor 10 glistens in the sunlight, and has a camera that sparkles

Summer is approaching, and the Honor 10 is the bright, colorful phone you'll want in your pocket when the sun's out. The beautiful curved glass body hides plenty of power, a dual-lens camera, and A.I. smarts.

The best 3D printers you can buy (or build) in 2018

On the hunt for a new 3D printer? We've got your back. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this list of the best 3D printers has what you're looking for.

Snapchatters, how do you like the sound of unskippable video ads?

Snapchat has started testing unskippable six-second video ads, as the platform continues to look for ways to turn a profit. Current data shows that most users skip through the app's video ads.

Google doubles down on cloud storage with ‘One’ subscription service

Google rolled out a brand-new cloud storage subscription service today, replacing its old Google Drive subscription plans entirely. The new storage plan features access to 24/7 support, a new subscription structure, and...

Wired speeds in a $60 cordless gaming mouse? Logitech did it

Logitech introduced a new wireless mouse for mainstream gamers promising "pro" performance and features: the G305. It's compact and great for gaming-on-the-go, providing a slot for its dongle next to the single AA battery.

What is RCS messaging? Here’s everything you need to know about SMS’ successor

What is RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging? It's the successor to today's text messaging. It offers features like real-time audio, read receipts, and encryption, but adoption so far has been slow. Here's...

The Samsung Galaxy S9 can download up to 37 percent faster than the iPhone X

According to a new report from Ookla, the Samsung Galaxy S9 offers the fastest download speeds of any phone. In fact, the report notes that the phone can download files up to 37 percent faster than Apple's flagship, the...

AMD’s ready to do work with Ryzen Pro Mobile coming to a laptop near you

AMD has announced a slew of new Ryzen Pro Mobile APUs, which pair a Ryzen CPU and a Radeon GPU on one board. The best news is that Dell, HP, and Lenovo are all supporting the new APUs with laptops coming soon.

YouTuber assembles video that imagines a 2018 version of Windows XP

What would Windows XP look like if it was still in development today? That's the question that one YouTube endeavored to answer with a new video that re-imagines Windows XP in a modern Windows environment.

Everything you need to know about the Apple iPhone SE 2

When Apple launched the original iPhone SE in 2016, it was a pint-sized hit. Now, the company may finally be prepping a follow-up: The iPhone SE 2. Here's everything we know about the rumored phone so far.

Stewie the robot offers horseback therapy without the stable fee

A team of undergraduates from Rice University have developed a robotic horse to offer therapies for patients with neurological and movement disorders. The robot was designed to provide a cost-effective alternative to the...

The terms and conditions for Elon Musk’s Not-A-Flamethrower are ridiculous

In preparation for the launch of the Not-A-Flamethrower, the Boring Company has sent out the official terms and conditions for the device, which are — ironically — meant to be taken lightly.

Solar-powered devices pull water vapor straight out of thin air in Australia

People across Australia may soon drink purified water pulled straight out of thin air. The water will be supplied by an array of solar-powered devices developed by Zero Mass Water, an American company specializing in...

The best budget laptops

Looking for a budget notebook for school, work, or play? The best budget laptops - including our top pick, the Asus ZenBook UX330UA - will get the job done without digging too deep into your pockets.

The best free antivirus

Malware, spyware, and adware is never fun to find on your PC. Check out our picks for the best free antivirus software, so you can rid your system of any dangerous software that might be lurking around.

Apple iPhone X Plus: News, rumors, specs, and more

The iPhone X may be Apple's latest and greatest phone, but there are plenty of rumors swirling about the company's next device. Here's everything we know about what we assume will be dubbed the iPhone X Plus.

IPhone explodes, catches fire in terrifying Las Vegas security footage

Samsung might not be the only smartphone maker with exploding handsets in its portfolio. An alarming surveillance video taken on May 11 shows an iPhone catching fire in a store in Las Vegas.

HP just unveiled your next laptop – all 11 of them to be exact

Premium laptops have traditionally abandoned discrete graphics to keep battery life long and weight low, but HP’s newest systems take a different approach. Most have AMD or Nvidia graphics, and the new Envy x360 13-inch...

Malware attack hits Chili’s restaurants, customer payment info nabbed

Visitors to Chili's restaurants may have had their payment card data stolen. The firm says the payment systems at "some" of its restaurants were compromised by malware in March and April, and warned customers to be vigilant.

Driverless pods could be used to ferry tourists around a U.K. national park

How about riding around a beautiful national park in a driverless pod? The Lake District in the U.K. is conducting a feasibility study to see if the electric-powered pods can be used to ease traffic congestion and cut...

The Google News App fuels your interests, provides a balanced perspective

At Google I/O 2018, the company introduced its all-new Google News app. Using artificial intelligence, the app provides readers with well-balanced content while still allowing for plenty of customization -- all within a...

A.I. and Google News: The push to broaden perspectives

Google has redesigned its Google News app, not just to refresh the design, but to also look for a way to broaden perspectives in an increasingly polarized world. Google is still betting big on artificial intelligence to help.

How to turn off notifications in Windows 10

Are the notifications on Windows 10 annoying you? Here's our guide on how to turn off notifications in Windows and how to manage alerts so that the important stuff still gets through.

Microsoft will replace your Surface Pro 4 if it was affected by ‘Flickergate’

So many users are suffering from flickering displays on their Surface Pro 4 machines that they've banded together and created a website called Flickergate to bring attention to the issue. Microsoft is now offering a...

Forget clocks — this giant robotic sundial is the coolest timepiece ever

Shown off recently at Milan Design Week, Sunny Side Up is a fresh take on the sundial that replaces the sun with a freaking giant robot arm. Check it out in all its time-telling glory.

Get smart: The best educational apps for iPhone and Android

"Education" may be a broad term, but there are more than enough quality educational apps on the market for both iOS and Android. Check out our top picks for the best educational apps for students.

How much RAM do you need?

Although not quite as exciting as processors and graphics cards, RAM is one of the most important parts of your PC. Not having enough can hurt performance. So, how much RAM do you need?

Feast your eyes (not literally, though) on the most powerful lasers on Earth

To give you a sense of how far laser technology has come in the past few decades, we've compiled a list of the most powerful lasers on Earth -- including one you can buy

What is an artificial neural network? Here’s everything you need to know

Neural networks are behind some of the biggest advances in artificial intelligence. But what exactly is an artificial neural network? Check out our beginner's guide to clue you in.

Here’s everything we know about the Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft is reportedly developing an in-house Surface Phone smartphone. However, the cancellation of the Windows Phone puts its future in doubt. Here's everything we know so far.

Sorry, Spider-Man! Newly developed bio-fiber is even stronger than spider silk

Researchers from Sweden have developed a new biomaterial that's stronger than all previous bio-based materials, both fabricated and natural. That includes previous record holder, spider silk.

Here’s everything we know about the Blackberry KeyTwo

The Blackberry KeyOne had its failings, but it was a solid phone with a great keyboard -- and 2018 will see its successor come into the spotlight. Here's everything we know about the Blackberry KeyTwo.

Acer Switch 7 Black Edition vs. Microsoft Surface Book 2 13

Both Microsoft and Acer have attempted to pack real gaming performance into flexible 2-in-1 formats, but they've taken very different approaches. Which of these to innovative machines is the better choice for you?

A library at your fingertips: The 100 best free Kindle books

You shouldn't always have to pay for a good read. Here are our picks for the best free Kindle books, so you don't have to sort through thousands of titles on Amazon and Google Play. We've divided them into various genres,...

Web trackers aren’t just spying on you; they’re slowing you down

Trackers might be found within the inner workings of most modern websites, but their impact could be far broader than just privacy invasions. They might be actively slowly down the internet as we know it.

Watch Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot go for an untethered jog

With every new video, Boston Dynamics impresses us with its robotic creations. Its Atlas robot was recently allowed to go for a run in the woods, prompting us regular folks to fear that robot uprising just a little bit more.

Robocall case leads to record $120 million fine for Florida man

Robocalls are a real annoyance, but there seems to be no end in sight for harassed consumers. The FCC is trying to clamp down, this week fining a Florida man $120 million for allegedly organizing a huge robocalling operation.

Acer Switch 7 Black Edition vs. Microsoft Surface Pro

The Acer Switch 7 Black Edition is a detachable tablet 2-in-1 with a trick up its sleeve -- a discrete GPU that promises decent entry-level gaming. Is that enough to make it a better tablet than Microsoft's Surface Pro?

Android P: Our complete guide

It's that magical time of year where we get our first glimpse of the upcoming version of Android. At this year's Google I/O, the tech giant announced Android P. Here's all the new features we can expect in the coming months.

DJI’s plush new headquarters will feature a skybridge for drone tests

DJI's stunning new headquarters in Shenzhen, China, is the brainchild of the same company that worked on Apple Park and has been designed with DJI's drone business very much in mind.

No notch, no bezels: Lenovo’s Z5 phone looks incredible

The Lenovo Z5 may introduce the next step in bezel-less phone design, by ignoring the notch and just about every item we expect to see dotted around the display on our phones. Here's what we know about it.

Google’s ARCore 1.2 brings social AR experiences to your phone

Google launched an update to ARCore that should help make augmented reality a little more social. On top of that, Google also announced "Virtual Plane Detection," which will help AR apps detect real-world objects.

Apple and Goldman Sachs are reportedly developing a credit card together

According to a report, Apple and Goldman Sachs are teaming up to develop a new Apple Pay-branded credit card that could launch as soon as early 2019. The credit card is aimed at replacing the current Barclay's Apple...

DT Debates: Salvation or sham? Your Digital Wellbeing is in Google’s hands

At Google I/O 2018, the company introduced a new suite of features designed to help users regulate their phone time, dubbed Digital Wellbeing. Our writers debate whether these are useful tools to help us take control, or...

News junkies, Google News looks set for a major overhaul

Google News looks set for a major makeover. Reports suggest that besides a new look, the company also wants to incorporate YouTube's news section, and replace its digital magazine Newsstand app with a fresh offering.

FCC puts a date on net neutrality’s tombstone ahead of Senate vote

Net neutrality finally has an official expiration date. Announced Thursday morning, the Obama-era regulations that ensured an open internet are now set to end on June 11 -- but the fight's not over yet.

The best screen protectors for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

The display on Samsung's Galaxy S8 is gorgeous, but it's not exactly rugged. Thankfully, these screen protectors will help you safeguard your new device from unwanted wear and tear.

Chromebooks will start to feel more like Windows, but in a good way

Google announced more features to make Chrome OS feel like a more capable Windows replacement. With better multitasking and productivity tools, Google's Chromebook Pixel 2 is being positioned as a viable Surface Book...

Here’s everything you need to know about the Moto G6 and G6 Play

Lenovo has finally take the wraps off of the new Moto G6 and Moto G6 Play, marking a continuation of what many consider to be the best series of budget phones out there. Here's everything you need to know about the two new...

Drone services edge closer with new projects from major tech firms

The U.S. has announced 10 drone-related projects that will allow major companies to more freely develop a range of drone platforms. It's part of a government plan to accelerate the use of the technology across various...

How to connect your PlayStation 4 controller to a PC

Gaming with a keyboard and mouse can frustrate even the most patient gamers. Swap out the traditional hardware for that DualShock 4 controller sitting on your coffee table with our step-by-step breakdown.

This plug-in uses A.I. to create closed captions inside Premiere Pro

Done manually transcribing those videos for closed captioning? Why not give the job to A.I.? Trint has a plug-in that generates closed captions inside Premiere Pro. The tool works with Trint's online software to transcribe...

No map, no problem: MIT’s self-driving system takes on unpaved roads

Developed by researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, the MapLite self-driving system is designed to successfully navigate unpaved roads by using basic GPS data and sensors technology.

Android P hands-on review

From Slices and Actions to Adaptive Battery, Google Android P will bring a host of noticeable improvements to the world’s most popular mobile operating system. We went hands on to find out what’s to love, and what’s a step...

What is WiGig?

What is WiGig? This wireless technology has been in development for a while, but we're finally starting to see the benefits. The 60Ghz standard can attain incredible wireless data speeds in very limited environments. This...

U.S. Senate forces a vote that could restore net neutrality

Using its powers as outlined in the Congressional Review Act, a group of Democratic senators have submitted a "discharge petition" which could set the stage for the restoration of net neutrality in the U.S.

Android Go: Everything you need to know

Android Go is a lightweight version of Android that promises to improve the user experience on devices with low-end processors or 1GB of RAM or less. Here's everything you need to know about Android Go.

Like the internet? Google wants to attach it to your face

Google is bringing virtual reality and augmented reality experiences to the browser thanks to the new WebXR technology. WebXR replaces the WebVR standard unveiled last year and brings new capabilities and features to the...

The best Dell laptops

Picking the best Dell laptop is have because Dell produces so many good laptops. Still, there are some that rise above the rest. Whether for battery life, looks, or all round performance, these are our favorites.

Everything you need to know about the performance dip on your iPhone

Apple was first accused of throttling iPhones late last year, and lawsuits have since popped up and countries have begun investigating Apple's practices. Here's everything we know about the situation so far.

Microsoft is giving Always Connected PCs a performance boost and more apps

Microsoft launched a software development kit at Build to allow developers to build native 64-bit apps for Always Connected PCs. These Snapdragon-powered machines could benefit from faster performance.

The Hiuni smart telescope lets you stargaze from your Apple or Android phone

It may be awhile yet before ordinary people like us can journey to the stars, but until then, we can bring the stars a lot closer. Here to help is Hiuni, a smart interactive telescope.

OnePlus will help you buy a OnePlus 6 — if your old phone meets one condition

If you want to buy the OnePlus 6, but aren't sure how to sell on your existing phone, OnePlus is here to help. It has set up a revised trade-in program for OnePlus owners, and will offer top price for older devices.

New iOS update will lock Lightning port to prevent unauthorized access

A new feature in iOS 11.4 named "USB Restricted mode" would see an iOS device's Lightning port lock up completely if the device is not unlocked or attached to a computer after seven days.

Before Google’s lifelike Duplex A.I., these chatbots paved the way

The amazing Google Duplex feature unveiled at Google IO event is just the latest in a long line of smart chatbot technologies designed to emulate human conversations. Here are 10 more.

The best desktop computer you can buy

Are laptops overrated? Experience the power offered by the best desktop computer on the market today, whether you're in need of a budget solution or a fire-breathing, $4,000 premium gaming rig. These are the best desktop...

The Android P open beta is here, and here are 11 phones that can use it

The Android P beta update is now available for those who have compatible phones, want to use their Android device to test the latest changes, and are interested in developing for cutting edge Android software. Here's how...

Google reportedly wants people to spend less time on their phone

Google I/O is about to start and a new report suggests the company will place an emphasis on "responsibility in tech" during its keynote. Specifically, Google may launch new tools aimed at helping people manage screen time.

How Chrome and other browsers came together to protect you from Spectre

The security teams from major browser developers worked together to protect you from web-based Spectre attacks. For Chrome, Google incorporated a method called site isolation, which isolates the origins of each webpage.

Windows is moving beyond the window, and that’ll make it the best Windows yet

Microsoft didn't talk much about Windows at Build 2018, but it did talk about two specific features -- Timeline, and Sets. They build upon 'activities,' a new form of multi-tasking that will change how you use the...

YouTube helps creatives tackle tough topics from hate speech to extremism

YouTube Creators for Change has announced the 2018 list of creatives. The program will help YouTube creators create content that addresses topics like hate speech, extremism, and xenophobia.

Google will soon be able to write your emails for you

Announced at Google I/O, soon Gmail will be able to write emails for you, with just a few keystrokes. Pulling from your vast Gmail message history, Smart Compose will help you put together an email by suggesting whole...

How to uninstall apps on Windows 10, MacOS, iOS, and Android

It doesn't matter which platform you use, we can show you how to uninstall apps and clear up space. Don't let those unused apps take up storage and cause problems. Learn how to fully remove them for Windows, MacOS, iOS and...

Uber’s flying cars get a boost from government assistance

Uber Elevate announced working partnerships with NASA and private industry today at Elevate Summit 2018. Initial UberAir flights in Dubai, Dallas, and Los Angeles would have human pilots, pilotless planes would come later,...

Updates to Google Assistant could make it the most natural digital helper yet

Google is launching a number of awesome new updates to Google Assistant that could help make it the most natural digital helper so far. The updates include visual changes to Assistant on your phone, and tweaks to the voice...

LG G7 ThinQ vs. Google Pixel 2 XL: Does the new phone take out the stock Android champion?

LG has finally taken the wraps off the new LG G7 ThinQ, its latest and greatest flagship phone. But how does the phone compare to other top-tier devices? We put the LG G7 ThinQ head to head with the Google Pixel 2 XL to...

Firefox: Mozilla is having another crack at putting ads in new browser tabs

Mozilla is having another go at incorporating ads into its Firefox browser. They'll appear as personalized sponsored links when a user opens a new tab, and will add a new revenue stream alongside search contracts and...

Robot dog: Sony sells thousands of Aibo bots as it considers U.S. launch

Aibo the robot dog is selling steadily in its launch market, Japan. Sony released the new version of its robotic pet in January, adding lots of new features and more realistic movements compared to its clunky predecessor.

A defense company is building a drone that can fly continuously for one year

An average drone has a flight time of around 10 to 20 minutes. A new solar electric unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is aiming to smash that figure -- with a drone that can fly for one entire year.

GBoard’s beta update now includes GIF creator for Android

It's no secret that Gboard is one of the best keyboards for iOS and Android. It has just about every feature you can imagine easily available at your fingertips. And Gboard's update makes it even better.

From evil empire to role model, Microsoft builds its claim to the high ground

Microsoft was once known as the evil empire. Today, it's become a role model, innovating in numerous areas while steering wide of privacy and data security scandals that plague many rivals. Build 2018 championed that success.

Volition is a blockchain-powered collectible card game that you print at home

Volition is a collectible card game that's built on blockchain technology, bridging the digital and analog worlds to create a new type of tabletop experience that players can print themselves.

WhatsApp expands its capabilities with group video calling and stickers

WhatsApp will soon be bringing group video calling to the popular communication app, making it possible for folks to have face-to-face conversations with multiple people at once. Stickers are coming soon, too.

Cryptojacking hackers infected 400 major websites with stealth miners

Lenovo, San Diego Zoo, and the government of Chihuahua, Mexico all have one thing in common: their websites have been serving up cryptojacking miners to unwitting visitors due to a Drupal vulnerability.

Instagram ‘music stickers’ could help to spice up your Stories

Instagram may be prepping a feature that allows users to add popular music tracks to their Stories. The feature, called "music stickers," would enable people to search genres, moods, and trending tracks by high-profile...

How to pin a website to the taskbar

Would you like to know how to pin a website to the taskbar in Windows 10 in order to use browser links like apps? Whichever browser you're using, it's easier than you might think. Here's how to get it done.

There’s a whole world outside Windows, and Microsoft finally gets it

Microsoft 365 is a new cloud-based initiative at Microsoft to bring its platforms to as many devices as possible, regardless of what company makes it. The good news? That's always a good thing for us.

Microsoft wants Cortana and Alexa to be friends. Is that cool or just awkward?

To fight Google Assistant, Microsoft showed how Cortana will work with Alexa to be even more useful. However, on a smartphone, it may still be easier for users to default back to Siri, Bixby, or Google Assistant.

How influential are you? Skorr uses A.I. to measure and improve social reach

Think you need to be a big brand to see how much reach your post had? Skorr is a new app designed for monitoring social media performance for both individuals and small businesses. The app also offers tips for improvement.

Xiaomi’s Euro trip hasn’t ended, will arrive in France and Italy in May

Xiaomi, the smartphone manufacturer best known in China and India, has announced it will officially launch in France and Italy at the end of May. It's the company's third push into western Europe, after a late 2017 launch...

‘Mars, here I come!’ NASA’s InSight launches from California on a six-month journey

NASA's newest mission InSight, developed to probe deep beneath the surface of Mars, began its 300-million mile journey from Vandenberg Air Force Base. The pre-dawn launch was a rare spectacle for West Coast residents.

How to buy the LG V30S ThinQ: Everything you need to know

The LG V30S ThinQ is a very slightly altered version of the excellent LG V30, and has been waiting for release since it was announced in March. We've got all the details on where to buy it.

These are the seven best RAW camera apps for Android and iOS

Now that Android and iOS both support RAW photo capture, you might as well take advantage of all the new data your images can capture. We've rounded up the best RAW photo apps help you make the most of your photos.

Forest: Stay Focused helps keep you off your phone when work needs to be done

Forest: Stay Focused is an app specifically meant to keep you productive. By planting a seed in Forest, you'll gradually watch it grow into a tree. But if you leave the app to answer a text message or check Twitter, then...

How to run Android apps in Windows

Wish you knew how to run Android apps in Windows? It's easier than you might think and there are a number of different ways to do it. In this guide, we break down the steps so you can follow along with ease.

Pumpkin Pie perhaps? Just what should Android P be called?

Join us for a look at a painstakingly compiled list of the likely -- and unlikely -- names for Google's next version of the Android operating system. There's no shortage of possible dessert-themed Android P names, but...

Companies in China are collecting data from their employees’ brains

Some Chinese employers are taking the concept of data harvesting to a new level by using helmets to monitor their employees' brainwaves. They say that these devices reduce workplace injury and stress, but critics argue it...

The best touchscreen laptops

The best touchscreen laptops aren't locked to 2-in-1s and convertibles, but include clamshell designs too. We pick the best touchscreen clamshells you can find in 2018, ranging from Windows 10 PCs to Chromebooks.

8 Tricky Samsung Galaxy S8 problems, and what to do about them

Despite being one of Samsung's flagship phones, some users are facing problems with the Galaxy S8. Thankfully, there are fixes and potential workarounds for those struggling. Our troubleshooting tips are easy to follow.

The big one: Huawei P20 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs. Google Pixel 2 vs. Apple iPhone X

The Huawei P20 Pro has hit the smartphone scene and caused quite a stir with its triple-lens camera; but how does it compare to the equally great cameras on the Apple iPhone X, the Google Pixel 2, and the Samsung Galaxy S9...

The best YouTube channels

So many YouTube videos, so little time. YouTube is home to some of the most exciting content creators on the internet, but which ones are worth watching? With our curated best YouTube channels list, these are the series...

LG G7 ThinQ vs. iPhone X: Which phone comes out on top?

After months of rumors and speculations, we finally have our hands on the LG G7 ThinQ. While it's easy to pit the LG G7 ThinQ against other Android smartphones, we decided to mix things up to see how it comes out against...

What to expect from Microsoft Build 2018: Less Windows, more cloud

Microsoft's Build 2018 is about to begin. The annual developer conference has a bent towards business and productivity. That means more Azure, less Windows, and it's unlikely that we'll see any new Surface devices debut.

DJI Mavic Air vs Mavic Pro: Which drone is better?

You can find full specs for both the Mavic Pro and the new Mavic Air on DJI's website, but unfortunately you can't look at all those pages simultaneously -- so we put all the main features side-by-side for your convenience.

We scanned all the brands to find the best scanners for every need

We found the best scanning devices for personal documents, busy offices, company transitions to digital databases, professional photographers, and more. Take a look and find the best scanner for your needs.

Android vs. iOS: Which smartphone platform is the best?

If you’re trying to choose a new phone and you’re not sure about the merits and pitfalls of the leading smartphone operating systems, then come on in for a detailed breakdown as we pit Android vs. iOS in various categories.

Instagram begins trialing in-app payments feature for faster shopping

Instagram's latest feature lets you shop without ever leaving the app. The new system, currently available to select users, lets you enter your payment details directly into the app for a more seamless shopping experience.

How to reset a Galaxy S9

Want to know how to reset a Galaxy S9? Resetting is a great way to fix problems like an unresponsive screen. You can also use a hard reset to restore to factory settings if you are selling the phone. Find out exactly how...

LG G7 ThinQ vs. LG G6: Out with the old, in with the new

LG launched its latest flagship -- the LG G7 ThinQ. The phone brings a variety of changes from an updated look to new features. As the successor to the LG G6, how do the two stack up against each other? Let's take a closer...

Google’s first-ever VR Doodle pays homage to pioneer of movie special effects

Google Doodles have been delighting users since back in 1998. But there’s never been a Google Doodle like its latest one: The first one ever to incorporate 360-degree virtual reality.

Apple working on depth-sensing technology that could show up in a future iPhone

Apple has been awarded a new patent related to depth-sensing technology that could appear in a future iPhone. Depth-sensing technology in general could prove to be extremely useful for things like virtual reality and...

Xiaomi buddies up with U.K. carrier Three to sell its phones in Europe

Xiaomi has partnered with U.K. carrier Three's parent, Hutchison. The partnership will result in Xiaomi phones being sold not only in the U.K., but also in Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, and Sweden.

Oculus’ new prototype VR headset has something the HTC Vive Pro doesn’t

At Facebook's F8 developer conference, Oculus showed off a new VR headset prototype called the "Half-Dome." While it's still a prototype, it had one big feature that even the HTC Vive Pro doesn't have: A larger field of view.

JetBlue hopes its new A320 cabin will ‘bring humanity back to air travel’

JetBlue has put its new restyled A320 cabin into service. The design offers fliers comfier seats as well as the most legroom in coach for any U.S. airline. Improved in-flight entertainment is also part of the package.

Slow Chinese sales signal slump in global smartphone shipments

The results of the International Data Corporations analysis on smartphone sales for the first part of the year are in, and smartphone sales are declining as consumers choose to hold off on upgrades.

Oculus confirms second-screen support is coming to Oculus Go

Oculus VR confirmed that second-screen support is coming to the Oculus Go and that implementing the current demo into the iOS and Android apps will "take a little while." This will allow owners to "cast" their experiences.

21-Year-old project manager heads Google’s new social gaming startup

Google and 21-year-old developer Michael Sayman have partnered to create the gaming startup studio Arcade. The studio will focus on social games for mobile devices, and its first project will involve trivia.

Nokia 6.1 has Android One, takes funky ‘Bothie’ pictures, and is yours for $270

HMD Global has announced the Nokia 6.1, a version of the Nokia 6 (2018) for the U.S. market, where it will go on sale May 6 for just $270. Here's what you need to know about the Nokia 6.1.

Adobe drops all-apps Creative Cloud price to $5 for K-12 schools

Adobe Creative Cloud is now cheaper -- if you're a K-12 school anyways. Adobe just announced that the all-apps plan is now $5 per student per year for schools. The company also plans to launch new resources for educators.

China nabs world record for biggest drone display, but it’s a bit of a mess

Drone company Ehang has set a world record for the most drones flying in a single display. On Tuesday, 1,374 LED-laden quadcopters buzzed about the night sky, though many of them were out of sync for some of the time.

Facebook teases new Oculus prototype with mechanical ‘varifocal’ lenses

VR is still maturing as a platform, and Oculus is fully aware of its limitations. At F8, Oculus unveiled a prototype designed to remedy some of the persistent visual hurdles VR struggles with: focus and field of view.

Don’t print with crappy plastic. Here’s the best 3D-printing filament you can buy

Choosing the right filament for your 3D printer can be a bit overwhelming, so to save you from the hassle of digging through a zillion forums for good advice, we put together this guide to the best 3D printing filament.

The Oculus Go is a VR headset for grannies, and that’s a good thing

The Oculus Go isn't as powerful or impressive as any of the high-end VR headsets yet released. But so what? Your grandparents will love it and that's perhaps the best thing about it.

Cambridge Analytica closes as former executives create another data company

Cambridge Analytica shut down its worldwide offices today and the company announced that it is closing up shop. The company claims it lost clients and business due to the negative media attention.

LG G7 ThinQ vs. LG V30: Which LG flagship phone is best for you?

The LG G7 ThinQ is finally here, featuring a 6.1-inch LCD display, the Snapdragon 845 processor, and a dedicated A.I. key to interact with Google Assistant. But how does it compare to LG's last flagship phone, the LG V30?

Want to learn to play bass guitar? Fret Zealot teaches rhythm section wannabes

Remember how the Guitar Hero game made us all feel like we were one wrecked hotel room and a pair of uncomfortably tight leather pants away from being rock gods? Fret Zealot uses a similar idea and LEDs to help you master...

LG G7 ThinQ vs. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: Clash for the heavyweight title

LG has unveiled its latest flagship phone, the LG G7 ThinQ. With domination on LG's mind, how does the LG G7 ThinQ match up against another titan, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus? We took a look to find out.

The best free photo-editing software

Photoshop is a capable program, sure, but it's also expensive. Lucky for you, the best free photo-editing software allows for a range of versatility, without requiring you to break into your bank account.

A Steph Curry 3-pointer unlocks Under Armour’s new trivia game app

Steph IQ , Under Armour's new trivia game, is activated by the first 3-pointer Steph Curry makes in each game of the 2018 NBA Playoffs. Fans will be able to win Curry's sneakers and more by answering multiple choice...

Dish Anywhere app now brings live TV and DVR recordings to Android TV

The free Dish Anywhere app is now available for devices powered by the Android TV platform, giving you much more flexibility in how you watch live TV, your DVR recordings, and on-demand content.

Facebook and cinema firm Red team up to build a more realistic VR camera

Facebook's virtual reality camera prototypes are continuing to move forward -- this time, with the help of cinema camera company Red. The two firms announced a partnership to build a professional VR camera.

Grab the Surface Pro with LTE Advanced for $1,300 if you’re a student or teacher

Microsoft's Surface Pro with LTE Advanced is now available to the general public, with a nice discount for anyone who also happens to be a student, parent, teacher, or member of the military.

Newton axes the sent folder — and it makes for a better email experience

Newton decided to change the way you interact with your inbox once again by ridding users of the sent folder once and for all. It's a sensible move and it helps streamline the email experience quite a bit.

Ugly, weird, and expensive: The craziest phone designs ever

It's fun to look at some of the stranger devices phone manufacturers have turned out over the years. That is why we have gathered together our picks of the craziest phone designs, which includes some seriously odd devices.

Under new leader, Nintendo sets mobile-game revenue target near $1 billion

Under new president Shuntaro Furukawa, who steps into the role in June, Nintendo plans to expand its mobile games division into a nearly $1 billion business. It has already seen success with Fire Emblem Heroes.

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  • Facebook chief faces EU grilling over his 'digital monster'

    Facebook chief faces EU grilling over his 'digital monster'

    Wednesday, May 23 2018 2:53 AM EDT2018-05-23 06:53:49 GMT
    (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File). FILE- In this April 11, 2018 file photo, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pauses while testifying on Capitol Hill in Washington. Tech moguls Bill Gates and Zuckerberg are teaming up to help develop new technologies for kids ...(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File). FILE- In this April 11, 2018 file photo, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pauses while testifying on Capitol Hill in Washington. Tech moguls Bill Gates and Zuckerberg are teaming up to help develop new technologies for kids ...
    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faces senior European Union lawmakers later Tuesday to answer questions about a scandal over the alleged misuse of the data of millions of Facebook users.More >>
    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faces senior European Union lawmakers later Tuesday to answer questions about a scandal over the alleged misuse of the data of millions of Facebook users.More >>
  • France's Macron takes on Facebook's Zuckerberg in tech push

    France's Macron takes on Facebook's Zuckerberg in tech push

    Wednesday, May 23 2018 2:53 AM EDT2018-05-23 06:53:42 GMT
    (AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert). Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg leaves the EU Parliament in Brussels on Tuesday, May 22, 2018.  European Union lawmakers plan to press Zuckerberg on Tuesday about data protection standards at the internet giant at a hear...(AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert). Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg leaves the EU Parliament in Brussels on Tuesday, May 22, 2018. European Union lawmakers plan to press Zuckerberg on Tuesday about data protection standards at the internet giant at a hear...
    French President Emmanuel Macron is courting Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and some 50 other tech bosses at a conference.More >>
    French President Emmanuel Macron is courting Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and some 50 other tech bosses at a conference.More >>
  • Amazon urged not to sell facial recognition tool to police

    Amazon urged not to sell facial recognition tool to police

    Wednesday, May 23 2018 2:53 AM EDT2018-05-23 06:53:37 GMT
    The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups are asking Amazon to stop marketing a facial recognition tool to police.More >>
    The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups are asking Amazon to stop marketing a facial recognition tool to police.More >>
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