By Stacy Baker

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Spring! We're finally out of hibernation. If you're like me, you may need a little prep work before baring a fresh, warm-weather face. These three skin care musts are a great Rx for sloughing off winter layers, rehydrating parched skin and protecting it through the coming season.

1. Daily and weekly exfoliators. By the time spring hits, winter has left my face feeling like a dry clay desert -- and it's not pretty. The easiest way to refresh is with an intense weekly exfoliating treatment, followed by an application of a deep moisturizer. Keep up the radiant, fresh-faced look with gentle daily cleansers that contain exfoliating beads. A tech-savvy alternative is the cleansing facial brushes that use sonic vibration to impart a deep clean and smooth, supple skin.

2. Renewing serum. Spring is the season of rebirth, so it makes sense to start with your skin cells. There are a slew of new skin-renewers that promise to increase cell turnover, rejuvenate stem cells and stimulate collagen production. For the brightest glow, look for formulas that hydrate while they slough.

3. A lightweight SPF powder foundation. I'm obsessed with finding the perfect flawless finish. When temperatures rise, it's all about trading the heavier coverage of the winter months for formulas that look more natural and last through the heat. My current go-tos are the brush-powder combos with SPF. They're perfect for midday, post-workout or after-work touchups. I keep my favorites stashed in my gym bag and tote as a reminder that I also need sun protection. 

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Stacy Baker has written for InStyle, Shape, Self, Fitness, Family Circle and Prevention. She was previously Sephora's editorial director and the executive editor of Life & Style Weekly. Baker collaborated with author Tosca Reno to write Your Best Body Now.

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