By Sherrie Mathieson
From The Style Glossy

In the winter, neutral colors lend themselves to easy layering.

If your coat is a neutral color (not fuchsia!), then the outfit beneath will readily coordinate. You can effortlessly mix solid beige, gray, black, white, cream, camel, taupe, brown, midnight navy and olive items. 

Layers can create an intriguing look. Play with different proportions (topping, say, a long tee that hits your upper thigh with a shorter sweater) and textures (perhaps a cashmere tee under a long nylon anorak-style jacket). 

Begin with a flat, smooth fabric.

The first item on your body should have the lightest weight.

Whether it's a cotton tee or basic cashmere turtleneck, always consider the thickness and texture. It's what you'll be left wearing should the weather warm up, so make sure it looks good on its own.

Add a heavier layer with texture.

Whether it's a sweater, jacket, shawl or cape, the next layer must be heavier, with such a texture as cable-knit wool, suede or leather.

Choose shapes to flatter your figure.

If you're a pear shape, a good choice is a longer, fluid cardigan that camouflages the hips and is worn over a shorter underpinning.

Pair these pieces with a skirt, pants or leggings, and with ankle, knee-high or over-the-knee boots.

Wind a long scarf around your neck, grab your gloves and you're out the door! 

Sherrie Mathieson has worked extensively as a film and television costume designer and stylist. Now a style consultant, she has shared her expertise on "The View," the "Today" show and CBS's "The Early Show," and she is the author of the style guidebooks Forever Cool and Steal This Style.

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