By Scott Meeks

Alison Sigethy is a new breed or artist, often referred to as an eco-artist.

"For me what it means is that I make environmentally-themed pieces out of salvaged materials," explained Sigethy. "I honestly can't think of a time when I wasn't doing what I'm doing, which is making things out of stuff I find."

Bottles fished out of recycle bins, shower doors from landfills -- anything is fair game.

"Probably the highest dollar glass I've ever gotten to play with is I have a whole box of Waterford," said Sigethy. "It's just going to wait until I have something that's like ‘OH! That's right!' And then I'll make something wonderful out of it."

A box of crystal, smashed during an earthquake. To some, it's trash. For Alison, it's inspiration.

"I love being on the water so that's kind of where my mind and heart are," noted Sigethy. "So that's what comes out in the art."

Her pieces are organic in nature, but abstract. And the meaning behind them is more important than ever. She recycles and re-uses just about anything and everything. And all of her art is green-themed with an earth-friendly message. She's hoping to spread that message through her work.

"I think the tides are changing and this is a really good thing," said Sigethy. "People are becoming more aware of the impact of the choices they make."

Alison Sigethy is based in Alexandria, Virginia, just a few miles from Washington D.C.

You can find more information about her at

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