While neither Governor Chafee, nor Curt Schilling, were very forthcoming with information about what was said in their 3-hour closed door meeting with Rhode Island's EDC on Monday night, ABC6 News did find out from Chafee, that the problems that 38 Studios has had meeting its payroll has led to layoffs.

"I believe it was a mix of who's made payroll and a number of layoffs." said Governor Chafee.

That however is the most that Chafee would say about what's going on with 38 Studios.

Confirming only that the embattled videogame maker did have to make layoffs to address its financial problems last week.

Chafee wouldn't say though how many layoffs there were, saying again and again that he, and the other members of the EDC would be unable to tell the press or the public, anything substantial about the financial fix, that the Curt Schilling owned company is in.

"I know that the taxpayers want answers, and they'll get them overtime. All I can promise is that we're working hard to protect every penny of the investment that was made." said Chafee.

Curt Schilling wasn't saying much either, and as he forced his way through a crowd of cameras to get to his car, he would only say that there's a lot of misinformation about his company's situation, and stating that 38 Studios is not asking for more taxpayer money to help bail them out.

"We're not asking the taxpayers." said a hurried Schilling, as he closed the door to his Mercedes SUV.

Governor Chafee meanwhile left the meeting, promoting the same message he's been preaching for the last several weeks.

Saying only that the situation is tricky and that it will take time to figure out what, if anything, Rhode Island should do to help.

"Making sure this company somehow succeeds and we protect the 10's of millions of dollars that we have already invested, and not getting in deeper." said Chafee.