By: Rhonda Correll  of Swansea, Ma.

Well, lots to say about the first DWTS All-stars result show.  Here are a few good highlights out of the first hour... Val not realizing what General Hospital was then digging himself deeper by comparing Kelly to a vintage car.  Kind of felt bad for Chelsie for being geographically and culturally challenged while everyone laughed at her.

Pitbull's performance.  He introduced his single "Don't Stop the Party."  Of course he wore his signature sunglasses, had a superhero giant with a smoking gun, dozens of dancers, glow sticks, and tons of neon.  Not normally a Beiber fan but I did enjoy his performance of "As Long As You Love Me" with all the lasers and leather.  

Shocking moment which turned out fine was when Tom said Gilles and Peta and Emmitt and Cheryl were safe but not Sabrina and Louie who were on stage with them.  After all 3 teams jumped up and down, then having to calm down thinking they were in jeopardy must have been nerve wracking for them.  Glad to see they were also safe but it was done in a strange way.

I am not surprised that Pamela was the first to go.  She does not have the skill the other stars have and didn't seem to have the desire to want to put in as much effort as needed to succeed in this competition.  

Looking forward to next week and a whole episode of Dancing.

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