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Rhonda's Blog DWTS Week 5

It just keeps getting better and better.  Last night was a just a taste of what will continue tonight and I'm sure tonight will be just as good. 

Team"Call Me Maybe" led by Shawn and Derek did a phenomenal job.  Loved the high school football/cheerleader idea and how they incorporated so many cheerleading type lifts and jumps with the amazing choreography.  The way they introduced each individual couple was so unique. It was so smooth and done perfectly.  Each team's individual dance was also done perfectly.  You really couldn't tell who the star was and who the pro was.  Big props to Apolo for keeping up with the male pros.  Thankful that Melissa was cleared to dance after hernia ting a disc in her neck during the camera blocking.  Sher performed great through the injury.  They definitely set the bar high for tonight's team Gangam Style led by Gilles and Peta.  Can't wait to see it tonight.  I am expecting high energy and lots of fun to such a fun and fast song.

The individual dances performed by the teams on team Gilles and Peta were wonderful and as follows:

Kelly and Val's salsa was a bit slow starting but turned out very well done.  She had beautiful lines and extensions and great footwork but her upper body seemed a bit stiff and she seemed to hold back a bit.  Maybe she was tired from working all week and learning two dances.  Whatever it was, I hope she performs the team dance tomorrow with a bit more vigor.

Gilles and Peta's Rumba was AMAZING!  Perfect lines, footwork and story telling.  No wonder most men hate him!  Loved the comment that they will be responsible for lots of baby making after the show and how Carrie Ann fell off her chair while saying "let the baby making begin".  And to Len, if I had legs like Peta, I would be lifting them up and down all the time too. 

Kirstie and Maks did a great Quickstep.  This was her best dance yet and truly showed how far she has come.  I think the fact that she danced more than acted the dance made a big difference as well.  She is doing a great job and I think its great that at her age she is working so hard and keeping up with the 'kids'.

Emmitt and Cheryl's Samba got raving reviews from the judges but for some reason for me it fell flat.  It was a very well performed dance with great footwork but he appeared too stiff for me.  I know he's a big "sexy beast" as Paula Abdul said, but he needs to loosen up those hips a bit more in my opinion.

I am counting the hours until part two tonight.  I can't wait to see team Gangam Style's dance as well as the individual dances for tonight's Call me Maybe team.  How anyone could even be voted off at this point is not even right.  This has been the best season yet and even though I keep saying how can it get any better, it does! 

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