By Dana Griffin


PROVIDENCE, RI- Unless she takes off her orthotic device, you wouldn't know Beth Deloria's left leg is paralyzed at the ankle. Deloria has Foot Drop and before that device, running was not an option.

"If you can imagine your foot falling asleep for that most annoying spot of time where you're going... oh it needs to wake up… a lot of people with foot drop feel that 24/7," said Deloria.

She was diagnosed eight years ago and for the past two years, she's been running all over the country sharing her story and inspiring others.

Deloria said, "I had the best marathon time ever at 40–years-old, with a paralyzed ankle running in this race. I ran a 3:39 to qualify me for the Boston Marathon."

Beth has also been giving out 'Get Back Up' metals in every city where she encourages people to then, give it to someone else that they find inspirational.

Deloria and her husband are in Providence for the Rock N' Roll Half Marathon.

"It's been incredible to watch the impact that she's had on people and I know that it's important to her. I was just there to carry the heavy items for her," said husband, Jim Austin.

Deloria adds, "I never take for granted for a second because there was a time when I thought I'd never be back out there running."

Sunday, will be her 44th race while paralyzed.


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