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Behind the scenes of the local horror movie industry

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Doreen Scanlon

The surprise, the gore, and the guts; the perfect blend to shock and scare.

This is self storage a horror movie produced and filmed by a Rhode Island production company written, directed and starring Cranston native Tom DeNucci.

"I thought what better place than a self storage facility. Those places are designed to keep people out," said DeNucci. "You've got fences with barbed wire and electric fences and everything is under lock and key."

It's not just the gates with all these orange storage units there's an element of intrigue here because you never know what's inside.

That's where those guts come in Oscar nominee Eric Roberts plays the owner of the storage facility really this shop on post road where he harvests organs to sell on the black market.

DeNucci is the night watchman there partying with friends who become unwitting donors.

Gruesome? Yes, but somehow funny too.

"I wanted people to be on guard," said DeNucci. "If you're laughing in one scene and turning away and covering your eyes in the next scene. You never really know what happens."

Michael Berryman and Jonathan Silverman are the other bad guys along with Roberts. DeNucci says getting these Hollywood actors to come here wasn't really that difficult.

"He already had heard of us," said DeNucci, "and it's the material. That's what really drew him in."

Us, is Woodhaven films a production company based in East Greenwich with 6 horror flicks now under its belt.

It all started with the movie incubus which did so well it got the attention of distributors.

"We've proven that we know how to make a movie and make them money," said Chad Verdi, President and CEO of Woodhaven Productions.

Chad Verdi started Woodhaven as a way to elevate his pet project, the Vinny Paz story.

"I thought I'd make one movie and go right into Paz," said Verdi. But along the way, found a niche.

"I believe Rhode Island has huge potential, the local talent that's what caught me by surprise and why I'm still here," said Verdi and that's what allows local guys like DeNucci to stay here at home and still do what they love.

"When you're in Rhode Island and you tell people that you want to make movies, it seems like a joke at first I had a lot of people laugh at me," said DeNucci. "What are you doing why aren't you in L.A. or New York. Fortunately, I'm still here and I don't see myself going anywhere anytime soon."

DeNucci's next made in Rhode Island horror movie army of the damned comes out in January.

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