by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis

Convicted murderer Alfred Brissette, Jr., is once again walking the streets of Rhode Island as a free man.

Brissette was released from the ACI Tuesday morning, after serving only 13 years of a 35 year sentenced.

Prison guards and crime victims advocates gathered at the ACI to express their outrage and to warn the public.

"I'd be very concerned. This is an individual that killed for the experience and the thrill of a kill. I would say he's not going to be specific on who he would target if he reoffends."

Q: Do you think he'll do it again?

"I believe he's capable of a violent act," said Carolyn Medeiros, from the Alliance for Safe Communities.

Brissette was dubbed the "Thrill Killer" because he and his co–defendant admitted killing Jeanette Descoteaux, in Burrillville back in 1999, just to see what it would be like.

ABC6 Reporter Mark Curtis said, "Believing he had been rehabilitated the Parole Board voted unanimously back in February, to let Albert Brissette out on parole."

Sources say Brissette was paroled to a location in South County, though police have not confirmed it.

Prison guards who know him, worry for the public safety.

"We don't believe that somebody that commits a heinous crime like that – a thrill kill – is capable of being rehabilitated. He wasn't supposed to get out until 2034. To release him now after only 13 years is outrageous to us," said David Mellon, of the Rhode Island Brotherhood of Corrections Officers.

"What do you want the parole board to do," asked ABC6 Reporter Mark Curtis.

"We'd like to see them all resign," said Mellon.

Officers are worried a key witness in Brissette's trial could be in danger now that he's no longer in prison.