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Fingerprint & background checks for certain Attleboro jobs

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By Dana Griffin


ATTLEBORO, MA- A new ordinance passed by the Attleboro city council will require city cabdrivers, ice cream truck drivers and door–to door solicitors to be fingerprinted and checked in both state and federal databases.

Bruno Ragusa lives in Attleboro. He said, "You know it protects the kids and just makes it a lot safer community."

"In my opinion, I would not want a convicted sex offender selling ice cream out of a truck in my community," said police chief, Kyle Haegney.

Haegney helped bring this idea to the table six months ago. Although the city hasn't had a spike in predatory crimes, it's weeding out those who could be repeat offenders.

Haegney adds, "Perhaps a criminal offender who has various sex assaults that wants to apply to be a cab driver or a person who wants to sell goods and ware door–to–door and he has a criminal history of breaking into homes; those are the type of people we're trying to vet out of the process."

Everyone with a criminal history will not be completely denied a license. It's done case, by case.

Some residents say it's a good idea.

"It would make me, myself feel better knowing that people have done background checks to make sure you know, there's not a child molester running an ice cream truck or somebody knocking on my door that has previous violent charges on them," said Melissa Troiano.

City cab drivers already have to get background checks. Some say they have no problem with getting fingerprinted too.

"A cab driver like myself, if you get someone with a serious record, you wouldn't really want them driving one of your family members down the street alone," said cab driver, Justin Cerqueira.

Christina Durfee is also a cab driver. She said, "We have to deal with the public and you never know what could happen out here. And if you got certain things on your record and it's harmful to another person and or dangerous, then you shouldn't be driving."

The mayor is expected to sign the ordinance Thursday. It would take affect by April.

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