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One year later: Trooper Bastajian discusses marathon bombings

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One year later, ABC6 News Anchor John Deluca sits down with Trooper Bastajian who ran in the Boston Marathon in 2013 and after the bombs went off he assisted victims at the site.

John Deluca: I read somewhere you said you weren't a were in the wrong place at the wrong time, you did the right thing.

Trooper Bastajian: a friend of mine at church, Michael Woodard, he said that you know brother...good job, wrong place, wrong time you did the right thing and that kind of stuck with me cause it's not the right place. I've heard people say it's the right place at the right time.. it's really's the wrong place.

TB: I remember when I went up for the 6 month anniversary when I went up to the finish line... I kinda had a flashback where I heard...almost saw what I'm hoping that doesn't happen because you kind of re-live it... a little bit

JD: here we are a year later...almost a year later..have your thoughts on what happened evolved or changed?

TB: I think you'd always be mad that it happens, but I can't say you're shocked that it happens. It's happening every day in other parts of the's just a matter of when it's gonna continue happening here in this country. that's the reality of it. I just like the fact that you Americans we refuse to be terrorized and we go back out there and do it"

JD: there will be such a huge crowd on the 21st..not just the runners, but the number of people in the crowd...15-20 people deep and saying you know, we're not gonna be terrorized and do you think that will send a message.. cause you know the eyes of the world are going to be watching that marathon see if something's going to happen again...and B just to see how many people will turn out...

TB: the message will be sent but I don't think we're dealing with people.. I don't want to say aren't intelligent that plan these things out...cause they are...but I don't think they care. I've mentioned, last time I was asked...why do these things happen? I only had a 4 letter word for it...evil.

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