Here in Southern New England, it's not often that we're in a drought. And when we do fall

under drought conditions, we're usually only one coastal storm away from getting out of it.

Nevertheless, droughts can be serious business, affecting farms, drinking water and even the

price of food. Well heading into October, much of the region finds itself in drought

conditions, with all of RI being designated as having a moderate drought, while much of the

surrounding area was "abnormally dry". Thinking of a drought as being on a scale of 1 to 5,

with five being the worst, RI is in a stage 2, while surrounding areas are in a stage 1.

To see why we're in a drought, look no further than this September, which was the driest

September in 100 years (Providence received only 0.74" rain, when normal is 4 inches). It

also didn't help that this Summer was very dry as well. When you're talking drought, it's

always "what have you done for me lately", and lately it's been very dry here in Southern New


Fortunately, the forecast for October calls for a return to near-normal precipitation. Let's just hope

it's all in the liquid form:)

-Kevin Coskren, ABC6 StormTracker WeatherTeam