By: Rebecca Turco


FALL RIVER – Local veterans are reeling after the American flag was ripped off a World War II Memorial in Fall River.

The flag taken from the Iwo Jima Monument sometime during Columbus Day weekend was replaced shortly thereafter, but police still do not have any leads on who took it, according to Bruce Aldrich with the U.S. Marine Corps League in Somerset.

“So many people come down here and they're touching the monument. There was no way [police] were going to get a good set of [finger]prints,” Aldrich said.

Local Korean War Veteran Ken Boyer told ABC6 he can't believe someone would have the gall to deface that monument by stealing the flag. “That [flag] represents America,” he explained. “That represents our veterans. That represents blood and sweat.”

Aldrich said the league is looking into installing security cameras and more lights around the memorial.

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