They were hamming it up in Burrillville Thursday, as Governor Raimondo and new Commerce Secretary Stefan Pryor toured the Daniele Foods Plant.

The company already employs 400 people and is undergoing a major expansion.

While other states have tried to lure them away, the owners want to help make Rhode Island a food industry empire.

"We have all the ingredients here. We have this unbelievable community with people like Farm Fresh; we have great farms, great restaurants; Johnson and Wales, so you know I think it's very achievable," says Co-owner David Dokcevich.

Thirty percent of the food products made are now exported to other countries.

This was the first public event for the state's first commerce secretary, a position created in the aftermath of the 38 studios debacle.

He wants to take things that helped Daniele thrive here and use them to attract other business:

"As the Governor has already referenced: quality workforce; access to capitol; cutting though the red tape. These are the things we can do and we will," said Pryor.

The tour also involved a little taste testing and a timely plug.

On if this would be a good Super Bowl snack: "Absolutely, get your Super Bowl prosciutto right now; buy Daniele," said Raimondo.

All joking aside, the company added 100 new jobs in the last year, in a state that still has among the nation's highest unemployment.

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