By: Liz Tufts

Popping off with all kinds of threats on Facebook about providence police officers lands a 19-year-old in cuffs and behind bars.

That man has been charged with threatening a public official, after posting a video of himself screaming and yelling threats at two officers.

This is the video police say 19–year–old Nathan Santos... posted on his Facebook on Sunday...

It shows him approaching two providence police officers at the trinity shell gas station on
Elmwood Avenue
and going ballistic.

called police after someone swiped his license plate and when the officers asked him his name, he went nuts, accusing the officers of illegally searching him.

The threats didn't end here. Police say
took to Facebook and posted numerous other threats to
police officers...

One saying "who wants to start the
Rhode Island
riot?  I'm gonna go savage today! I'm tired of this abuse ! “

Another post saying, “I don't care if I go to jail , but I'm starting havoc in this city ! there's blind authorities that need to open their eyes!”

But police didn't take any chances when he posted this: a picture of himself holding a rifle. A warrant was issued for his arrest and he was arrested by
Rhode Island
state police.