By Kirsten Glavin


As of Wednesday, there are new major developments in the 38 Studios case.  New documents show former House Speaker, Gordon Fox, may have had deeper involvement than originally claimed.

These documents allege Fox, who is now serving time in federal prison for other corruption charges, had the earliest and lead role in bringing 38 Studios to Providence.  As a result, multiple organizations are demanding government action.

Watchdog Rhode Island, Rhode Island Taxpayers, and the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity, all say they've had enough with polluted politics.
They made four demands at a meeting on Thursday. They called for the release of all documents relating to the 38 studios affair,  where the state loaned Curt Shilling's video game company $75 million dollars.  They asked Governor Raimondo to launch an independent investigation, and called on speaker Mattiello to grant all subpoena requests by the House Oversight Committee. Lastly, to avoid further corruption, the organizations demanded the proposed terms of the Pawtucket Red Sox relocation negotiations be made public.

"There's a basic mistrust of our government right now because of 38 Studios. And I think that as a state, we have to do better at resolving this now,” said Ken Block, a member of Watchdog RI.

"This trend of government by secret executive regulatory fiat, must end," added Mike Stenhouse of the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity. "This is not the way our democracy was designed."

Speaker Mattiello released a statement in response to the conference demands.

“Former Speaker Fox has admitted to serious criminal offenses and is currently serving time in federal prison.  The newest allegation about his involvement in the 38 Studios deal does not change the fact that the General Assembly is not an investigative body.  If the State Police, the Attorney General’s office or the FBI feel that an investigation is warranted after learning of this new information, then I would encourage them as the appropriate agencies to do so.”

The Rhode Island State Police still have an ongoing investigation into the 38 Studios Deal.

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