By Alana Cerrone


If you live in Attleboro, this might just be the biggest development you've never seen.

The New England Sports Village is a 130-acre $52 million youth sports complex being built in the woods off Commerce Ave.

And youth sports is something developer Joe Fitzpatrick knows a thing or two about.

"I have three kids that all play hockey...last weekend I was in one place, my wife was in have three kids you have to go different places."

Youth sports is now a $7 billion industry, which is part of the motivation behind developing the sports village.

"What this really came out of is the ability to have all of the family in one place."

This “one place” will have it all...two NHL-sized hockey rinks, tennis courts, an Olympic-sized doesn't get its name Sports Village for nothing.

"…Full 4,000-square foot restaurant/bar...Dunkin’ Donuts...the arena...the fieldhouse and two outdoor fields..."

And for those who travel for sports...a 150-room hotel.

Digit Murphy was the women's hockey coach at Brown for 22 years before getting involved with this project. She says the village isn't just about athletics.

"I have six kids myself…as a mom that had to drive all over the place we thought wouldn't it be really cool if you come into a community wellness center you drop your kids can have a meal you can get a manicure pedicure you can go get a check-up."

That's because the sports village will also include a wellness center and women's center.

15,000 kids are already signed up to use the facilities come September. 100,000 total are expected to visit each year.

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