Dozens turned out to First Baptist Church in East Greenwich Monday for a prayer vigil aimed at promoting peace, hope and understanding.

The event was organized in response to the incredibly tragic couple of weeks seen across the nation, including the attacks in Nice, Dallas and Baton Rouge.

There was a long list of speakers at the vigil including Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare, ESPN radio host Chuck Wilson and a Kent Hospital ICU doctor.

"This is a vigil that is about bringing people together and it's about an opportunity to listen to others and learn from their perspective,” said Wilson.

"It's an assault on you every day you go home and there's something new. But I think when you're at home and you're isolated in front of your TV set there's a tendency to think what can I do and I think we can do a lot. I think we can speak to each other I think we can uplift each other,” said Bob Houghtaling the Director of the East Greenwich Drug Program.

The vigil was hosted by the Rhode Island State Council of Churches and the East Greenwich community.

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