Governor Gina Raimondo wants to see buses moved out of Kennedy Plaza as soon as possible.

Raimondo tells ABC 6 News that she has asked RIDOT officials to come up with a plan to present to her on how the pace can be accelerated to move buses out of the heavily populated area.

"I'd like to increase the pace and see if we can accelerate the timeline,” said Raimondo.

The Governor doesn't have any specifics on how soon this could happen, but she calls the way the location of the bus hub now a safety issue.

"More than once we've seen pedestrians get hurt there. It isn't safe to have a bus depot right in the middle of town with so many people walking. So I'd like to move it still in a place that's accessible to people who rely on the bus but move it to a place that's safer so we don't continue to see these accidents,” said Raimondo.

Last month 30-year-old Michelle Cagnon was killed after being struck by a Peter Pan Bus in Kennedy Plaza. Shortly after her death RIDOT Director Peter Alviti outlined potential plans to move the bus station near the train station.

We did reach out to RIDOT on Friday and were told that they do not yet have an updated time frame.

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