The Rhode Island pre-teen football league overturning a recent ban on the Providence Capital City Buccaneers. The team was disqualified last month, after officials noticed that a 19-year-old had taken the field in a pre-teen varsity football game.
"That one example is not us. And that's not what we represent," says Buccaneers founder, Alexandria Diaz.
It's an emotional moment for Diaz who says she was shocked and felt disrespected when she and the vice president of the league found out about the unidentified man taking the field. She says she began the organization to help kids in providence gain access to sports at little to no cost.

"At the end of the day, four other teams paid for one other persons mistake. They ended up paying even more than I expected, emotionally, mentally, physically," Diaz says.

The leagues vice president says the boards decision this week was in the best interest of the remaining players on the team.

"Sometimes you have to make decisions based off a whole, not a part. We certainly felt terrible for no other reason than the kids who were going to be affected by bad decisions on the field," says League VP, Nelson Pedro.

"We will fight better. And we will show you we will do better," adds Diaz.

The board plans to meet on the second weekend in January, where the Buccaneers will be given the chance to re-apply to the league.

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