By: Kainani Stevens

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Rhode Island School of Design students teaming up with NASA unveiled an out of this world creation Monday morning

Two students lead by RISD Professor Michael Lye designed this full scale wearable model of a space suit. 

"NASA has great engineers and can build stuff really well but sometimes it takes a really fresh perspective to look at something and come up with a different way of doing it," said Lye 

The suit weighs about 50 pounds and is made to be fully functional in a Mars simulation environment.

The designers used NASA specifications and worked with scientists to try and improve upon current suit models.  Specifically trying to make the design more, comfortable, wearable and adjustable.

"I definitely knew I was interested in functional apparel and this just seemed like an extreme end of that," said Erica Kim, a RISD student who worked on the project. 

"We worked with [the scientists]  on the size of the people and what they really needed," said Lye. "In terms of NASA, we wanted to make sure what we were designing mirrored a space suit accurately."

In 2017 the suit will head to Hawaii to take part in the rigorous testing at the NASA sponsored Mars simulation there.

The lessons learned from these models suits will help NASA engineers tweak their designs when they hope to send humans to Mars in 2030.

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