By Ana Bottary

PROVIDENCE- Enna Donoso saw her life flash before her eyes, during her run-in with a carjacker this week in Providence.

"The only thing I say in my mind, I say this is my last minute for me," she says.

The incident began here at citizens bank on Hartford Ave. Donoso deposited money into the ATM around 7 o'clock Wednesday night. When the 61-year-old returned to her car she realized she was not alone.

"I was scared so much, because all the time he in the back, I don't know if it's a gun, I don't know but I feel something cold."

As the suspect held the metal object to Donoso's head, he demanded $500 dollars. She told him she only had $400, so he settled and made her drive up to the outdoor ATM.

"I can't reach to put in my card, I open the door, he said don't do something stupid. You do something stupid you die."

Once she gave him the money the carjacker made her drive to the intersection at Hartford Ave and Stella Street. He ordered her out, then took off with her car. Donoso says although police are still searching for both her car and the suspect, she and her family are happy she's okay.

"My family, everybody cry because I'm living. No looking back."

Donoso says her car is a 2009 black Jeep Liberty convertible with two bumper stickers on the back promoting Hendricken and Classical high school. If you see it, you're asked to call Providence Police.

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