By Chloe Leshner


PROVIDENCE, RI -- Hundreds of people gathering at the State House today aiming to show local lawmakers they want to see solutions to the climate crisis. The rally in Providence this afternoon was just 1 of hundreds happening nationwide. Students who helped organize it here say it's their generation that will continue to see the adverse affects of climate change and their responsibility to make a call for action.

Ralliers at the statehouse telling officials it's time to wake up and make addressing climate change a priority. Leading the charge is the Rhode Island Student Climate Coalition.

"It’s very important that the youth speak up to demand action now and for future generations and to have that foresight in mind," says Lauren Maunus, a part of the RI Student Climate Coalition and sophomore at Brown University.

They say speaking up is the first step in working towards a solution.

"We need to be getting real familiar with this building, coming here to the State House and lobbying our lawmakers and I think people need to roll up their sleeves and get ready for this next round of elections in 2018 to make sure we're electing climate champions,” says State Representative Aaron Regunberg.

Regunberg introduced a bill to put a price on carbon and invest in renewable energy. He says not doing so creates an economic development issue in the state.

"Every dollar we can transition to local renewable energy in state is a dollar were keeping in Rhode Island circulating to Rhode Island workers,” says Regunberg.

The rally falls on President Trump's 100th day in office, his vision for the planet very different. Trump has called climate change a "hoax" and has worked to roll back Obama–era policies to reduce America’s carbon footprint.

Changes that will only drive protestors to keep fighting.

A White House official calling the recent EPA regulation rollbacks a highlight of Trump's first 100 days.