By: Chloe Leshner


Today the judge in the Michelle Carter case, considering two different issues, including how to handle Carter's delayed prison sentence. Carter is a free woman until her appeal is heard, her lawyer in court today to clear up some of the specifics of her sentence.

A bit of confusion in court today, the probation department seeking clarification on Michelle Carter's sentence. They say the law is unclear on the courts ability to stay only a portion of the split sentence.

"We're here simply asking for clarification so that probation knows how to proceed," says Sarah Joss with Massachusetts Probation Services.

Carter was sentenced to 15 months in prison but the judge put that on hold pending the outcome of her appeal. Judge Moniz also tackled the controversial psychiatrist who testified during Carter's trial claiming she was involuntarily intoxicated by anti–depressants. After the trial,  Dr. Peter Breggin posted victim Conrad Roy's medical records on a personal blog, which prosecutors claimed was a big no–no. Dr. Breggin didn't show up for court today but that didn't stop the judge from ordering all medical records in the case to be kept private.

"I think that its undignified and quite frankly I have some concerns that it is inconsistent with Dr. Breggins own assessment of Miss Carter's issues that he is now somehow going to make this a subject of a blog," says Judge Lawrence Moniz.

Carter's defense attorney says her appeal has not yet been filed, in Massachusetts that process can take several years.

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