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WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) — A sick out at Warwick Vets High School cancelled classes for the day on Wednesday.

The unplanned time off comes as negotiations for a new teacher contract reached the boiling point.

This marked the second “sick-out” staged by teachers in the district in less than a week and followed a rowdy school committee meeting Tuesday night.

Student drop off at Warwick Vets Junior High was quiet Wednesday morning. The only ones to show up were parents and students who found out too late that the doors would be closed Wednesday after 59 of the schools 91 teachers called out sick.

“I came all the way, not that it's a long way, but i came all the way here and there is no school,” said Carmine Caparo.

A father and son told ABC6 News they understand teachers are frustrated having worked since 2015 without a contract, but wish there was a better way for educators to make their point.

“Us kids, we have to learn. And I was kind of excited for my robotics class today,” said student Derrick Caparo.

The superintendent grew frustrated with the situation as this is the second time he has had to cancel school for students in the district in less than a week. Friday, it was Pilgim High School and the cost started to add up.

“It’s one more day of a bus run just for vets or just for pilgrim so there's actually less dollars now for the classroom and students,” said Superintendent Philip Thornton.

The community also got involved in the dispute lawn signs popped up on lawns.

Many attended a heated meeting Tuesday night where the teachers union voted no confidence in the superintendent and school committee chair.

“They have miss manage the district to such a degree that education is suffering,” said Darlene Netoch from the Warwick Teachers Union.

Arbitration is ongoing and if no ruling happens beforehand, the two sides are expected back at the table next Wednesday.

The mayor asked that cooler heads prevail.

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