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CRANSTON, R.I. (WLNE) — A man has been arrested for attempting to stab a Cranston Police officer several times.

Luis Anthony Silva, age 37, of Caporal Street along with his mother, Brenda J.  Silva, age 57, of the same address were arrested by Cranston Police on Monday after a domestic disturbance call escalated quickly.

A call came in around 4:17 p.m., authorities said, noting that Luis Silva had allegedly threatened to assault a former girlfriend, and was kicking a car while yelling and cursing.  But when officers arrived, Silva took off.

“A short time later, Mr. Silva returned to the residence and began walking towards both Officers with his hands concealed in his jacket and in a threatening tone stated, “let’s do this”. Mr. Silva ignored verbal commands given by Officers for him to show his hands, at which time he took a fighting stance,” said Colonel Michael Winquist with the Cranston Police Department.

“Mr. Silva was advised he was under arrest. While Officers attempted to place Mr. Silva in custody, he violently resisted causing Mr. Silva and the Officers to lose their balance and fall to the ground. While Officers continued to attempt to handcuff Silva, Silva retrieved a knife he had in his possession and proceeded to forcefully stab one of the Officers in his lower back at least three times, while Ms. Silva attempted to physically intervene in the arrest of her son.  The officer being stabbed was able to unholster his firearm and pointed it at Silva who refused to drop the knife and continued to resist arrest.  Fearing for his life and the life of his fellow Officer, the second Officer was forced to employ a high degree of physical force upon Silva, which eventually allowed him to dislodge the knife from Mr. Silva’s grasp and place Mr. Silva in custody.”

According to Cranston Police, because the officer who was stabbed was wearing his ballistic vest, he sustained superficial wounds.

“The high impact of the blows of the knife caused the tip of the blade to break off,” said Winquist.

Silva was arraigned Tuesday morning on the following charges:

  • Assault with intent to commit a specified felony.
  • Assault of police officers and other officials.
  • Resisting legal or illegal arrest.
  • Threats to public officials.
  • Domestic vandalism/malicious injury to property.
  • Domestic disorderly conduct.

Brenda Silva was arraigned on the following charges by a Justice of the Peace at Cranston Police Headquarters:

  • Disorderly conduct.
  • Obstruction of officer in execution of duty.
  • Simple assault (two counts).

 “This incident demonstrates the dangers police officers face on a daily basis and how rapidly Officers must be prepared to engage in a physical struggle to protect the lives of others, and in this situation their own lives.  I commend the Officers for their heroic actions and their great restraint in using lethal force, which in my opinion in this situation would have been justified. This violent encounter could have had a tragic outcome if it was for the quick actions and high level of training of these Officers. I am thankful that the Officer’s ballistic vest prevented the penetration of the blade of the knife and he was able to go home safely to his family at the end of his shift,” added Colonel Winquist.    

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