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Documentary Featuring Rescue Dogs to Premiere in Providence

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By: Kainani Stevens


Twitter: @ABC6

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — It seems everyone loves a good underdog story and Rhode Island based documentary “Searchdog” takes that idea literally.

“A tremendous amount of satisfaction comes from training a shelter dog,” said Matt Zarrella, the trainer featured in the film. “You're serving humanity and you're also serving the animal by giving them a second chance.”

Zarrella is a retired Rhode Island State Police trooper who helped build up the Search and Rescue function.

Zarella and his dog Buster now the focal points of a documentary nearly a decade in the making.

Searchdog depicts a number of dogs that were considered unadoptable. The dogs were then rehabilitated into working search and rescue K9s.

“At first I used my own dog who was ultimately a pet, said Zarrella. “However, as time went on, as I needed more dogs, I would look at the shelter. So then I could also serve them.”

Search dog premieres at Providence Place Thursday night with a full red carpet including the four-legged stars of the film as well.

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