By: Chloe Leshner


CRANSTON, R.I. (WLNE) -- Another painfully cold day for firefighters battling a barn fire in Cranston that killed several animals. Getting this fire out was a challenge for first responders not just because of how cold it is outside, but because the closest fire hydrant was one third of a mile away.

Fire crews in Cranston were forced to shuttle water up and down the road and run long hose lines so that firefighters can continue to hit hot spots several hours after the flames broke out in a barn on Seven Mile Road.

"This is an area where there's no hydrants. The closet hydrant is down the street, probably 1/3 of a mile down the road," says Deputy Chief Stephen Macintosh.

That process already slowing crews down, when they're faced with frozen hoses.

"The water, if it's not moving freezes extremely fast in the hoses in this temperature. We usually keep some water flowing to help minimize the freeze ups," says Macintosh.

An 80 by 50 foot multi-level barn was demolished in the fire.

The property owner didn't want to go on camera but says no people were injured. One cat escaped the barn, but several other animals died.

"We have been told that there were 3 horses, 3 ponies, goats, some rabbits, and 3 or 4 dogs," says Macintosh.

Flames were already fully engulfing the structure when crews responded around 9:30 Sunday morning. They were fortunate the snow didn't get in the way but with temperatures in the teens, more than 30 firefighters were needed in order for everyone to stay safe.

"We rotate crews through because of the cold so we had to get them into warm areas for a short period of time and rotate them around," says Macintosh.

The Fire Marshal tells ABC 6 that they may never know the cause of this fire because of how bad the damage is.

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