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FALL RIVER, Mass. (WLNE) — Fire officials responded to a burst pipe at Durfee High School in Fall River Wednesday morning.

Officials told ABC6 News that a 6-inch pipe cap of a standpipe riser broke off on the fourth floor of the school.

Crews responded to the school at 3 a.m. Wednesday after the burst triggered the fire alarm.

District Fire Chief James Mellen, of the Fall River Fire Department, told ABC6 that 30,000 gallons of water was spilled overall.

Chief Mellen said that the damage is extensive. In fact, all four floors of the science wing sustained severe water damage including parts of the school’s kitchen. Students are not allowed to return to those areas.

“The damage is in the science wing, but it’s a four-story wing and all four stories of the wing have water damage. So coming through the ceilings, I got computer damage, I got office damage, I got classroom damage. We’re pretty wet right now inside that building, and right now, my crews are doing their best to get that water up and out,” said Fall River Superintendent, Matthew Malone.

It took firefighters approximately half an hour to shut-off the pipe.

Chief Mellen told ABC6 that he believes the cause of the burst is due to the old age of the cap.

Classes at Durfee High School have been cancelled for Wednesday.

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