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FALL RIVER, MA (WLNE) – Shortly before 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning Fall River Police officers responded to Irving Street and Pleasant Street for reports of an armed robbery. Officers were informed the victim had moved and were redirected to the intersection of Albion and Downing Streets.

The victim, a 26 year old female, told officers that she received a text message from an acquaintance asking her to bring cigarettes to the corner of Irving and Pleasant Streets. When she arrived on the scene her friend was there waiting.

Police said as the victim removed the cigarettes from her pocket, $80 in cash was briefly made visible. The victim stated that the acquaintance she had arranged to meet reached into her pocket and took the money. The victim said when she reached out to retrieve the money, the suspect brandished a knife.

The victim told Fall River Police that she asked if the suspect was “really going to stab [her] over $80”, to which the suspect replied in the affirmative. The victim said that at that point she fled from the area and contacted Fall River Police.

A friend of the victim offered a conflicting version of the story, informing officers that the victim had arranged to purchase heroin at the Irving and Pleasant Street intersection around 2:00 a.m. that morning.

Fall River Police are investigating the incident.

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