By: Chloe Leshner


FOXBORO, Mass. (WLNE) -- Only one more day to go until the Patriots take on the Eagles and there was plenty of support for the team in Foxboro today, for the big game rally.
Ask almost anyone at the final rally at Patriots Place before the big game who their favorite player is and most of the time you'll hear Tom Brady. They call him the goat, the greatest of all time, and there were 5 goats at the rally in Foxboro, one for each Super Bowl win.

It's in Tom they trust to bring home ring number 6.

"We're expecting them to win, as usual," says Chrissy Mattsson.

Fans decked out in Patriots gear all the way from their heads to their toes, a pre-game celebration full of dancing and getting in the right mindset for Super Bowl 52.

"It's the perfect place to get some motivation to watch the pats kick some butt tomorrow," says Don Cicco.

There's no shortage of spirit at Patriot Place, no shortage of confidence either, Patriot nation almost guaranteeing a win.

"Oh the confidence is wicked high. I mean you're going up against the greatest duo in NFL history. You got Belichick you got Brady," says Cicco.

"It'll be like 20–13 it will be a good game," says Mattsson.

"Anything works as long as they beat the Eagles," says Remie Lampkin.

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