By: Chloe Leshner


CRANSTON, R.I. (WLNE) -- For many, a big part of Super Bowl Sunday is pre-gaming with the puppy bowl on Animal Planet. Here in Rhode Island, families could enjoy their own puppy bowl in person.

For the first time ever, a dog from a Rhode Island shelter participated in Animal Planet's puppy bowl and today was a celebration of that and the perfect way to showcase some of the very, very cute puppies currently up for adoption.

This could arguably be the most important game of the day, for local kids at least.

"Meh, maybe," is how 7 year old Giavanna from North Providence feels about watching the Super Bowl.

"Puppy bowl because I like seeing puppies and I've never seen a puppy tackle another one before," says Makai from North Providence.

Sure these puppies tackle, but they also get a little distracted. And they definitely know how to take a time out. The competition isn't necessarily fierce at the East Greenwich Animal Protection League's puppy bowl, but it certainly draws a crowd

"It's a lot more [people] than I expected," says Tammy Gallo, Executive Director.

It's the best way to showcase the dozens of puppies up for adoption.

"Adopting these dogs that would otherwise be euthanized is just more important than going and buying one at a pet store or from a breeder, it really is saving a life," says Gallo.

The event is also a celebration of one good girl, Paddington. She's the first rescue dog from Rhode Island to compete in Animal Planet's televised puppy bowl, a win for local shelters.

"It brings more attention to us, it brings more attention to adopting puppies," says Gallo.

Many kids leaving with one super bowl wish, and it has nothing to do with who wins the big game.

"Mama can i please please please have a puppy???"

All of the money from ticket sales today, will go into the shelter's general fund.

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