By John Krinjak


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WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) -- The Philadelphia Eagles pulled off their first Super Bowl win ever Sunday night. The Patriots failed to secure their sixth.

"It was definitely a heartbreaking loss," said Steven Brady, owner of 4 Corners Coffee.

But Pats fans are taking the high road the day after this stinging defeat.

"It was a great game, but I believe they can't win them all, and someone else has got to win sometimes," said Julie Kennedy of Warwick.

"The Eagles--they played a perfect game. You can't take anything away from them," said Brady.

Given last year's come-from-behind victory against the Atlanta Falcons, many fans were expecting a bigger fourth-quarter rally.

"I was hoping to see a little more action from Tom Brady. I thought they were going to pull ahead in the fourth quarter. Didn't happen," said Andrea Bates of Warwick.

"That's what everyone was thinking. Oh wait, wait. On Facebook they were saying wait until the end, they'll pull it off. Unfortunately they didn't," said Kennedy.

"We have been so lucky in the past with the other five Super Bowls, to be able to pull it out, it's almost kind of like luck wasn't on our side last night and something like that fumble was bound to happen," said Brady.

Some are questioning the decision to keep Malcolm Butler on the sidelines.

"I think having Malcolm Butler there may have been key in a couple of situations," said Brady. "You can't necessarily say it would have been a difference maker."

But rather than dwell on last night, some Patriots die-hards already have their sights set on next season.

"Today's another day and you move forward. That's what you got to do," said Kennedy.

"It's amazing to be a New England Patriots fan. It really is," said Brady.

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