A taser, brass knuckles, firearm parts and knives are just some of the prohibited items confiscated at T.F. Green airport last year.

"The most common excuse we get is that passengers did not know the item was in their bag,” said Michael McCarthy with TSA Public Affairs.

TSA officers at the airport screened more than 2.2 million passengers in 2017.

With those screenings came more than 1,262 pounds of confiscated items, that's not including the 4,000 plus pounds of oversized liquids, gels and aerosols taken from security checkpoints.

McCarthy says sharp blades near the top of the list when it comes to things people try to take through security.

"Every time we have to pull a bag aside or a passenger aside because they packed a prohibited item or pack oversized liquids that's going to take time for officers to go and conduct that secondary search,” said McCarthy.

McCarthy says when it comes to things left behind, more than 3,000 lost items were found. That's up more than five percent over the previous year.

"There was over $900,000 in loose change left behind at T.F. Green that's almost a million dollars,” said McCarthy.

That money goes to the treasury department, confiscated and lost items are turned over to the state surplus agency.

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