By: Chloe Leshner


After scouring hundreds of miles of Buzzards Bay, the Coast Guard called off a search sparked by a distress call. Three mayday calls came in last night...
but crews haven't been able to find any sign of whoever made the calls. The Coast Guard searched 767 square nautical miles, using tons of resources, and found no sign of the boater, calling off their search around 1 this afternoon.

The muffled sounds of a cry for help, sending the Coast Guard into action near Buzzards Bay at around 8:30 last night.

"Immediately we're thinking someones in distress and we want to get out there as quickly as possible and assist," says Lt. Cmdr. Stephen Hart.

Twenty minutes later, the third mayday came in but the Coast Guard couldn't get in touch with the boater and no other information was given with the distress call, making it difficult for searchers to pinpoint a location.

Weather conditions on Wednesday night added another obstacle, but crews were able to add more resources to the search Thursday.

"We have a fixed wing aircraft from station Cape Cod, we have two 87 foot patrol boats the 47 foot motor life boat," says Hart.

Officials say they have no reason to believe that the call was a hoax but they decided to suspend the search because they covered so much water and shoreline without finding anything and there's no missing persons or overdue boater reports.

The cold temperatures making it unlikely someone could survive this long.

"Definitely very concerning given the frigid waters and air temperatures so it's challenging conditions for sure if somebody was to enter the water," says Hart.

The Coast Guard could start the search again if any new information becomes available.

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