Anger and disbelief, those are the feelings of a Colorado woman after learning that the man who she says molested her in the 70's went on to teach in Rhode Island where he allegedly raped and assaulted several other girls.

"I was so angry,” said Brooke Kildey. “I mean so angry, I can't even begin to tell you."

Kildey says she was just 15, a sophomore in high school at the Foxcroft School in Virginia, when then teacher Andrew Cohen grabbed her arm and pulled her into his office.

"Turned off the lights, closed the door, shoved me up against the back of the door. And, stuck his tongue down my throat and his hand under my skirt and, you know, up my underwear,” said Kildey.

Kildey says it was only that one time, but says she wasn't Cohen's only victim at the school. Kildey did eventually share her story with the headmaster and school attorney.

"I gave my deposition and then I was sent on my way. It was brushed. Nobody ever spoke of it again,” said Kildey.

Cohen went on to teach at the Gordon School in East Providence from 1972 to 1977.

An investigation was opened there last Spring and revealed numerous allegations of inappropriate touching and rape.

Last week ABC 6 News spoke to one woman who says she was repeatedly raped by Cohen beginning at age 12.

“So many people knew and no-one did anything,” said Laura Browder.

Cohen has never been criminally charged.

Kidley says she's inspired by the courage of all of the women who have chosen to come forward.

"I wanted them to know that they were not alone and I just admire them for coming forward,” said Kildey.

The Head of School of the Foxcroft School has sent out a letter to the school community last week.

In it Catherine McGehee writes in part, “The allegations in this article are disturbing and unconscionable, and we are actively gathering information to learn more about the brief time Mr. Cohen spent at Foxcroft. We know that he was on our staff for one term in 1970/1971 and was terminated. It is our belief that Foxcroft never referred or recommended Mr. Cohen for employment anywhere else. As we obtain more information about his time at Foxcroft and his termination, I will share it with you in a follow-up communication. If you have any information that would be pertinent to his association with Foxcroft, I encourage you to contact me directly. We are working with an independent third party to collect this information.”

The Gordon School has previously said that Cohen denies any wrongdoing, and released the following statement:

"We continue to be both sickened and saddened by the alleged behavior of Mr. Cohen and the mishandling of this situation by Gordon School officials in the 1970's. Our hiring policies and standards have improved greatly over the past decades and we are committed to providing a safe learning environment for all our student. We gain are grateful to our former students for coming forward and sharing their difficult and heart-wrenching experiences with us. Their courage continues to inspire."

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