By: Rachael Perry


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WESTERLY, R.I. (WLNE) — A drinking water warning has been issued for residents in Westerly and part of Connecticut after excess chemicals were found in the water.

Westerly Water Department said the warning was issued because of an equipment failure that released chemicals into the water last week. The chemicals raised the levels of pH, and exposure to higher levels of pH can lead to irritation of the eyes, skin, lips, mouth and nasal passages.

“In sensitive individuals, gastrointestinal irritation may also occur,” said the Rhode Island Department of Health in a press release, noting that if any symptoms arise medical attention should be sought.

“Westerly Water Department customers who have not used their faucets since Friday should not drink or use the water before flushing,” said the release. “These customers should perform a one-time flush of household faucets for three to five minutes to discharge water with potentially high concentrations of chemicals from interior plumbing.”

Any faucets used regularly since Friday have been flushed of the chemicals.

According to the Rhode Island Department of Health, “only customers billed by the Westerly Water Department are affected by this warning.”

Areas in Connecticut not affected by the warning are as follows:

  • South of Rt. 1 in Connecticut beyond Greenhaven Road.
  • North of Rt. 2 in Connecticut beyond 300 feet past Route 617.
  • North of Rt. 49 in Connecticut beyond Stop and Shop Shopping Plaza.
  • West of Peqqot Trail in Connecticut (Rt. 234) beyond Billings Street.
  • South of River Road in Connecticut beyond 200 feet beyond Crestview Avenue.
  • Elm Ridge Road in Connecticut beyond Fairview Avenue.

Anyone with questions scan call the Westerly Water Department at: 401-348-2561.

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