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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Several of the hardest hit areas of Rhode Island got their power back at midnight, according to National Grid.

That is thanks in part to the hundreds of crews from out of state including Kentucky and Virginia that were called in to assist with restoration.

In fact, in total there were over 500-line crews, and more than 200 of those are from out of state even some coming from Canada.

At the peak of the outages, there were 150,000 customers without power. That number is now down to about 13,000 as of Monday morning.

The winds made it extra challenging for crews this weekend as they could not set the poles because it was too dangerous.

They say the storm has been much harder to clean up than the one from October.

“There was 150 poles that we replaced were probably well over 200 we’re going to replace in this one. When you can’t get out in the wind conditions its very challenging. We couldn’t get out there and we just had the outages increasing. That storm hit us hard and then moved on so each one is different, we have to prepare for them differently,” said Timothy Horan from National Grid.

National Grid crews are out 24 hours a day until all power is restored. They are asking customers still without power to be patient.

However, the 13,000 still in the dark Monday morning should see their power back. The goal is by Monday afternoon.

Nonetheless, some will have to wait until Tuesday.

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