By: Kainani Stevens

SEEKONK, Mass.(WLNE)—The Seekonk Public Library continues to dry out from last weeks Nor’easter just as another storm arrives. The normally quiet reading space was abuzz on Wednesday with the hum of fans drying out the building. A tree smashed through the library’s roof on Friday afternoon forcing librarians to close up shop for several days.

“We closed early Friday,” explained library director Peter Fuller. “Then we closed Saturday and Monday as well. Unfortunately, we're the place people usually come to in a storm. This is a place that's warm and people can charge their phones. We truly felt badly that we couldn't provide that service.”

Water damage ruined a couple hundred books but the ongoing roof repairs have officials concerned that more inclement weather will worsen the issue.

"There are temporary patches in the roof,” said Fuller. “That will have to be replaced and I think until that's done we won't feel 100 percent secure. We also won't be able to remove the plastic covering the books.”

Until further notice, the library expects to remain open for it’s normal hours of service.