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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — The City of Providence is cashing in on the new speed cameras stationed throughout school zones and has already collected more than $600,000.

In fact, the City had only estimated it would take in $500,000 for the whole 2018 fiscal year.

Providence has issued 17,000 tickets since the cameras were installed mid-January, and approximately 37% of those drivers have paid their fines.

However, several local leaders are not happy about it.

State Representative Robert Craven, who actually introduced the bill, spoke with ABC6 News on Thursday and he says the City is abusing it.

“The thought process and the intent of my bill was to monitor an hour before and an hour after school and during the drop off and pick up to make sure that speeders weren’t causing trouble on the state highways or the local highways,” said Representative Craven. “What’s happening in Providence is not the intention of this legislation.”

Representative Craven also told ABC6 he plans to amend the original bill with the intent of lowering the fines and adding a mechanism where drivers would get two warnings before a ticket.

A spokesperson for Mayor Jorge Elorza says the City is complying with state law.

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