By: Kainani Stevens

PROVIDENCE, RI (WLNE)—Rhode Island DCYF held their first ever intensive training session for foster families this weekend.

The normally months long process is now being condensed into a three-day weekend. DCYF officials say it is not at the expense of proper training.

“This weekend wasn't about short cutting in any way,” explained Trista Piccola, the director of DCYF. “We're still doing robust training. Now we're just doing it over the course of a weekend instead of over six months.”

Rhode Island has notoriously relied on group homes for children in the past. Now with issues arising with places like Blackstone Group Home, DCYF is putting more emphasis on recruiting qualified foster families.

Victor and Diana Capellan are partaking in this weekend’s training in the hopes of helping children in need.

“We learned about the needs all across Rhode island,” said Victor Capellan. “We have a large home. We can take a child that could use a loving home and we thought why not? Let’s do it!"

There are currently about 200 children in Rhode Island awaiting placement with foster families.