By: Rebecca Turco


PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Hundreds of students in Providence walked out of class Wednesday afternoon, as part of a nationwide movement to raise awareness about gun violence.

"Call for change, call for policy change, starting with our legislators and school officials,” said Classical High School Senior Dorbor Tarley, “We're all walking out because it affects us."
Around 1,000 students left their afternoon classes, according to a district spokesperson. The students will be subject to disciplinary action, but it was not rise to the level of a suspension.

Providence Police were ready for the protestors, shutting down city streets as they marched several blocks.

The students lined the state house, chanting. Others joined in their protest.

They’re calling for a ban on all assault weapons and an increase in school counselors and clinicians.

"When students come together in solidarity, we can make change and we will make change because we're very persistent,” said Providence Student Union member Tati Hall. “We understand that this is something that needs to get done."

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