By: Chloe Leshner


CRANSTON, R.I. (WLNE) -- Another day, another set of problems at the Rhode Island DMV. Another issue with the computer system that handles licenses had them actually turning people away at the door, frustration levels spiked for people needing that service.

It was deja vu at the DMV today. A similar problem happened just 2 and a half weeks ago except this time, the problem was specific to Rhode Island.

It's a sight you don't see often, a fairly empty waiting room at the DMV.  That's because most people left before making it inside after seeing the sign on the door.

"Inconvenient is definitely a word that comes to mind, kind of aggravating," says Samm Marble of Providence.

Dozens of people in need of a license, unable to get one.

"That's frustrating, just coming from Pawtucket for nothing," says Yolene-Marie Alexandre.

The problem, a glitch in the national system that handles licensing data.

"It's a concern to us we want to make sure that this very critical service is solid and not interrupted everyday that we're in operation," says Paul Grimaldi with the Department of Revenue.

A similar disruption happened at the end of April.

"The national clearinghouse had a disruption that affected the whole country, this one is specific to Rhode Island as far as we know," says Grimaldi.

State officials aren't exactly sure where the problem lies and are running tests on the hardware and software they use. But the national clearinghouse has to do the same. That means drivers have to hope for the best the next time they come.

"Probably next Wednesday I'll roll through and see what's happening," says Marble.

DMV officials say they are working with the national clearinghouse on the problem but don't have an estimate on when it will be fixed.

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