By: Scott Cook


Twitter: @JScottCook

NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) -- Most police departments in the Southern New England will tell you that they see more crime happening in the summer months than in the winter.

However, it's not all violent crime. In fact, police say they see a greater uptick in nuisance crimes, like vandalism and burglary.

Phyllis Lynch of North Providence has lived in the same neighborhood for 63 years, and things have been pretty quiet until her car was broken into last Monday.

"Monday night was a real eye-opener for me,” said Lynch, “It was a shock."

Police attribute the uptick in rates to "crimes of opportunity." They say people are more likely to do things like leave their windows cracked, or their doors open in the summertime, making it easy for criminals to break in.

Vacation is another reason police say the crime rates rise in the summer.

To avoid becoming an easy target, police are asking people to take some tried and true precautions, like holding your mail and newspapers and leaving on a light or television to make it look like you're still home.

"With today’s technology, people want to post pictures of their vacation on Facebook or Instagram or other social media sites,” said Deputy Chief Arthur Martins of the North Providence Police Department.

 “I would recommend not doing that, as you are signaling to individuals who may know where you live that you are not currently home."

Phyllis lynch was not out of town when her car was broken into. Luckily the only things taken were a few beach passes.

She still says, however, this is a good learning experience.

"I still feel safe but I just know from now on, lock everything.”