By Alana Cerrone


MANSFIELD, Mass. (WLNE) – A big homecoming for a little boy - Bryce Derosier's coming home after spending the last 4 months at Boston Children's Hospital.

The 15-month old has mitochondrial disease. In February, he suffered a 20-hour seizure and was put into a medically-induced coma. He went into liver failure.

The prognosis is not good, but his parents wanted him to spend the rest of his time at home. Thursday, they were finally able to make that happen. And getting home was no ordinary ride. Bryce’s father Jeremy is a Taunton Police officer.

His fellow brothers in blue escorted the family from Boston to their home in Norton, driving by The Xfinity Center in Mansfield where more officers were stationed to make sure Bryce got the welcome home he deserved.

Police departments from the Boston area helped escort the Derosier family out of Boston, and officers and firefighters from Taunton, Norton, Attleboro, Raynham and Mansfield  lined Rte. 140 as they made their way home.

Taunton Police have been behind the Derosier family all along. Officers donated their time to cover Derosier’s shifts, and last weekend, they helped to set up a special crib in Bryce's room, donated by Morton Hospital - the only way he could leave Boston Children's and stay at home safely.

His homecoming is just in time for the family to have a joint birthday party for their young daughter and Bryce, who spent his first in the hospital.

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