The Fourth of July season is underway in the heart of colonial America, as Bristol celebrated its 233rd Flag Day celebration Thursday evening.

As around 100 people came together in the town common for the ceremony, there was a special message to be shared for all Americans.

"We take a few minutes to look back and reflect upon what the flag is, what the Fourth of July means and how this community celebrated it," said Chairman of the Flag Day Committee, Patty Nenna. "Everyday in Bristol is patriotic."

The ceremony kicked off with some patriotic readings before the main flag was hoisted above the town common.

The flag has a special meaning for veterans like Steven Skuba, this year's Hattie Brown Award winner. 

"Patriotism, not everyone has it, especially in this day and age, but think about the guys over there now where if we had a problem, they're going to take care of it," Skuba said. "The two most important holidays are Flag Day and the Fourth of July."

Skuba said he's only missed one Flag Day, and that was for his daughter's wedding which was right across the street.

ABC 6 is proud to be your on-air source for the 233rd Bristol Fourth of July celebration and will be covering the week-long festivities.