A Rhode Island congressman is speaking out about his recent trip to Texas to tour the immigration detention centers, where border patrol agents have separated families that seek asylum in the United States.

Rep. David Cicilline left for McAllen, Texas in the wee hours Sunday morning, as he was able to tour the detention centers and the processing center where asylum seekers make first contact with border patrol agents.

"Two images that really continue to haunt me are images of young children in a caged enclosure that some refer to as the dog pound," he said. "Ten mothers just sobbed uncontrollably about their children being taken from them."

Cicilline along with other lawmakers are now demanding change after seeing where these immigrants are being housed.

"[It's] barbaric. The United Nations high commissioner for human rights has condemned this practice," he said. "This is about common decency. We know children thrive when families are together."

The congressman also said the facilities are overcrowded. He said they're built to hold 300 young people and now the population is up to 1,500.